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Some women are reserved, especially when it comes to sex with their husbands in bed, and can't be satisfied. And some men just don't know the sex skills, so couples in the sex life, there is always no perfect intersection. So how do you make women more sexually aroused? Let's take a look at some tips that might help you.

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Channelling the lust of men

For women, the best technique is to direct your partner in a pleasurable direction if he can't increase your arousal. During sex, it is necessary for a woman to guide a man towards her favorite part of the movement and make pleasant groans. For example, instead of saying "I don't like that," a woman can say "I like this." In this way, you can not only arouse the passion of the man, but also satisfy yourself.

Slow caress

When a guy is sexually horny, he can't wait to have you, and even ignores foreplay. This is the opposite of what a woman wants: a slow caress from her lover during foreplay, a little bit of stimulation of her sensitive sexual nerves, to turn her on.

Therefore, for men, practice slowing down the pace. If you want to increase a woman's pleasure, you need to delay direct stimulation. It will take longer, and sometimes even after a very long time it doesn't seem to make any progress, but the end effect is that the woman's pleasure will be more intense.

Seduce women with words

Women are naturally easy to be seduced by sweet words, in the hotbed of sex, you say some lingering love words will make a woman's heart become warm. Even if you tell her this is false, her excitement will be expressed. So, men don't just "head down hard work", that will let a woman feel you like a machine, although the rotation, but let her numb. Appropriately say more to a woman, she will surely take the initiative to fall into your arms.

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