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To be a sex expert and to make a woman feel more than satisfied with your performance is not only lasting or strong, but also useful. The right flirt and the right way to make a woman want you more!

Tip 1: Stroke her clitoris

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a girl's body. It is about the size of a soybean and sits between the two labia minora. Start by gently stroking with your hands, followed by twisting and teasing movements. This will guide the girl's body and mind into the situation and increase the chance of orgasm. If you start rubbing hard but will cause girls pain oh!

Tip 2: Kiss her cleavage

According to her surprise and gratifying caress tip, the middle of the face and breasts is full of "soothing" spots, and the middle of the breasts is not just for appreciation, it is also an important sensitive area! Studies have shown that the area from the sides of the clavicle to the cleavage is very sensitive, as is the inverted triangle at the back of the neck. When she doesn't expect it, extend the kiss down, don't go straight at the nipple, step by step from the neck to the collarbone to the cleavage, can bring different feelings for each other.

Tip 3: Slap her buttocks

When you put your hands firmly around a girl's waist, she will unconsciously move towards you and experience a different kind of psychological sexual pleasure at the same time. At this time, you can put your hand down to caress the girl's buttocks, and use a variety of interactive stimulation, such as patting, nibbling, stroking, but please don't too hard! A little patting can cause pleasure, but too much exertion can cause disgust!

Tip 4: Change your rhythm

After you've guided her into the vortex of sex with foreplay and fun sex games, don't try to lunge for an orgasm. A man who wants to have an orgasm is not likeable. You can interact with each other quickly and slowly, even wiggling your butt and changing positions from time to time, to make each other want more, but also can improve the probability of female orgasm!

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