Female Sex Machine

The chat between men always leads to complaining about their women silently. They all say: "Women's heart is on the bottom of the sea, it is very difficult to please them." They do not know that in the hearts of many Angels, men's hearts are also difficult to master!

Especially when it comes to sex, you really want to know what kind of drama is going on inside of you and how you can make each other happier. Here are five things a man wants you to do during sex, and keep them in mind that he loves you.

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He hopes: You can warm the plane yourself

You may ask, why do I have to warm my own plane? Be prepared before you do anything, get yourself in the zone first, your man will definitely feel your attention, and the whole sex will be more enthusiastic in return for your caring.

Make good use of different fun objects or just use your fingers and repeat until your body is numb. Be generous and let him enjoy the process of your body turning red gradually. The way you tease yourself will only make him more aroused.

He wanted it to be more fun

No one likes boring sex, this is ruining the good thing. To put it bluntly, he is genuinely afraid that you will give him a lot of eye rolls, which is why he wants to try all kinds of positions with you.

If his position is not your cup of tea and you have the feeling that he will just go back and forth again, then please tell him to try out the idea and initiate a discussion with him about the most sexual position.

He wants you to be his sexy little naughty

As mentioned before, he is actually worried that you will find it boring to have sex with him. This is when you make the first move, put on sexy underwear, secretly bite him all over the body when he is not looking, and even try to plant a strawberry near his neck. It is cute to see him shy.

Don't be afraid to love him! Angels need to know that every man wants you to cherish his sidekick with your mouth. With a little bite of your shell teeth and your tongue sliding over the other two balls, he's going to cry out, "Baby, you're so naughty."

He wished he could take a break from sex

You read that right. He's tired while you're busy doing all the difficult positions. You're bound to find that at some point he says, "Baby, I want to see you up there." When he says this, it means he is tired.

The female top style is really great. Its many variations make it easier to get to your G-spot, and it makes you the leader of the sex. Don't you enjoy watching him try not to come out too early?

He wants to: have an entry-level SM with you

You are not the only one who is attracted by "50 Shades of Gray", he is also eager to have a try. Until now, he has not mentioned it to you, because he is worried about your backlash. Tonight, come and have a special plot of your movie with him!

Discuss the code words before you go too far. You can shackle him to the head of the bed, cover his eyes with a tie, lick every inch of his skin with your tongue to make him hungry, and enjoy your first SM sex with a combination of oral and female positions.

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