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In the sexual life of husband and wife, many times due to the incorrect sexual position will lead to the bending or breaking of the male penis, slightly there will be some lumbar injury and so on. So what positions do we take during sex that don't harm us, that don't harm our health?


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Press back down

This way, the woman is in control of the sex, so if your woman is shy, talk to her ahead of time to make the sex go better. And since women are in control, and women are exerting power, men can enjoy it!

Enter from behind

This position requires women to lie on the bed and men to enter from behind. It is a very suitable exercise for women. This pose, similar to the rear entry pose, can stimulate the male's original desire to a greater extent and obtain a sense of satisfaction. And men are behind, able to give full play. But the biggest disadvantage of this posture is that you can't see the female facial expression and the skin is not close enough. Of course, either technique has its pros and cons. As long as we can get pleasure from it, it is appropriate, good sex technique.

Riding seat

In this position, you need to use something else. Men lie on their backs above the hips and rest their legs on a stool. The woman sits with her back to the man. Because the legs are hollow state, sex will produce a slight buoyancy with the up and down movement, do not have a taste. Women can prop their hands under men's armpits to prevent them from slipping through strenuous exercise. The great thing about this approach is that women don't have to contribute, they just have to enjoy. And men as a force, can fully show their ability to let women get pleasure.

Women swing

In this position, you also need to use a swing, but this is not usually available at home, so few people use it. But if you do try it, it's a lot of fun. The man lies flat under the swing, and the woman hangs her legs from the swing, then sits on the man with her hands supporting the swing. The biggest benefit of this position is that women use the swing to reduce their weight, allowing men to perform better.

Legs on shoulders

The female lay on the bed and the male stood on the bed. Then the woman puts her legs over the man's shoulders, and that's it. The most important feature of this position is the sex technique in which the genitals of the two people are closely connected after the penis is inserted. By pressing closely together, the female clitoris and uterus and vagina are strongly stimulated. Men can feel the pleasure of vaginal opening contraction. They can also use the pressing movement as a short rest during sexual intercourse or a technique to prevent male ejaculation. Of course, men can also fully watch women's facial expressions during sex, so as to enjoy visual stimulation, so that sensory enjoyment is more intense.

There is a biological difference in the time it takes men and women to reach orgasm. In most cases, women come later and men orgasm faster. Even so, men can make it easier for women to orgasm by increasing foreplay stimulation. In addition, there is a wide variety of sexual positions, and some movements can also help women orgasm faster.

You can also use sex toys or sex machines to stimulate your partner's senses and give her the ultimate sensory experience.