sex toys

It's just that girls are so sensitive. The same goes for men. The only difference is that girls can express their feelings and desires while boys can't. We didn't listen to his emotional feelings. Let's talk about the bed -- forgive me for being blunt -- and we're serious. Think about the real man who longs to have sex with his partner in a certain way. Do you want to know? Look at them.

1. To attract him

Getting into business is easy. However, a man often wants his partner to woo him. Let him sneak a peek inside your lacy shirt. Dress yourself in weird underwear. No matter how bad his day at work was, he would hold you tight in anger and squeeze things out of you.

2. Cell phones and telephones

Why just a simple text message? Throw it in the naughty liner. When he's at work, tell him you miss him. We know that meetings are fixed, but so is his desire for sex. Liven up his time at work with romantic remarks about how much you enjoyed the party last night. Also express how much you want to see him that night. Trust us; It could send his appetite soaring.

3.Tease him

When he comes home, surprise him with something small. We can't advise you to let him play around as soon as he gets home. But try to tease him. Maybe a steaming cup of coffee without underwear will warm him up on the couch.

4. Keep surprises.

Men never like to celebrate monthly anniversaries. But the feeling of being needed and the value of being loved gives great satisfaction. Maybe try embellishing it with a new coat that he wants you to wear for a long time. Maybe you can get a tattoo that only he can touch. No matter how sudden his desire, a little surprise makes him want it more and more.

5. Dear Wang

A man always wants his girlfriend to respect him. You can put this on the bed, too. Never make fun of his posture or his wrong posture in bed. Try to be patient. Help him do it. Maybe being a little more docile will help you speed things up.

We are sure that these positions will be the road to groundbreaking sex. It's yours now. You better keep his feet on the ground and enter you in ways you dare not forget! And of course, don't forget to bite and kiss. Throw them in and have fun and steam at the same time.