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Your partner gives you oral sex, but he's not very good at licking, and he never gets to that point? If you want to give a girl oral sex, what are some techniques that can make a girl orgasm? In fact, as long as you master the skills, vaginal oral sex is not difficult, you and the other half must not miss, licking the vagina eight steps, this time, you will clitoral orgasm!

There was an interview where girls were asked if they liked being given oral sex and cunnilingus. Many said they didn't particularly like it. Why? In addition to being shy, the main reason is that 90% of guys can't lick pussy! It's not taught in school, it's not discussed in society.

However, cunnilingus is a very enjoyable part of sex for women. Just like guys like to be sucked in. Cunnilingus, can easily let the girl clitoral orgasm ~

Today, I want to share with you: Cunnilingus 8 steps teaching! You can get a girl to orgasm just by licking pussy, and never forget your tongue. Cool. Preparations must be made, including a good shave and a clean face and mouth.

Step 1. Make large circles around the perimeter to increase sexual energy

Do not start straight Huanglong, first along the entire pubic periphery slowly licking 3 laps, increase the sexual energy.

Step 2. Left and right labia

Slowly lick up from the vaginal opening, separating the labia with your tongue. Lick the left and right labia 3 times each. You can also suck the labia on the way to lick, and clamp the labia to stimulate.

Step 3. Circle the outer clitoris, deliberately not touching the clitoris

Then, gradually move to the clitoris. Many people start by rubbing their clitoris rudely. Because the clitoris is very sensitive, women don't like it when they do it at first. The clitoris is actually covered in skin. You should start gently on the outside of the skin. From the covered state, gently touch/circle. Make large circles with your tongue centered on the clitoris. The big circle slowly closed down to the small circle. When you lick the clitoris, you deliberately don't touch the clitoris, and your tongue turns into a big circle.

Step 4. Stimulate and enlarge the clitoris

If it feels right, the clitoris gets bigger. This is when the clitoris is exposed to the skin. Only then do you gently lick the clitoris with your tongue. Sometimes up and down, sometimes around. Teeth are not recommended because the clitoris is sensitive.

Remember: if the girl clitoris developed, can lick directly. If the female clitoris is not developed (small), the clitoris is very sensitive, be sure to gently, gentle.

What you just did, you can do over and over again on your clitoris, labia, and vagina.

Step 5. Peel the clitoris

You should carefully observe her reaction, and if she becomes excited, then gently use your fingers to remove the clitoris skin. After the clitoris is exposed, the exposed surface is very sensitive. You can only lick it gently up and down your tongue.

The results of the experiment found that licking up and down is more comfortable than licking left and right

Step 6. Clitoris

Again, observe her reaction. If she becomes excited, you can gently suck the whole clitoris into your mouth, hold it in your mouth, or rotate it to lick it, and repeat.

Step 7. Alternate clitoral and vaginal stimulation

At this point, if you want to know if the woman is wet underneath, you can stick your tongue down. You can sometimes lick your vagina after making sure it's wet. Alternately lick the clitoris and vagina. When licking the vagina, in order to avoid the cold clitoris, the nose can be placed in the position of the clitoris, licking the vagina at the same time, using the nose up and down gently stimulate the clitoris.

Step 8. Accelerate clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm

When you observe that a woman is about to orgasm, you can suck on her clitoris. When you suck, you can add quick up and down stimulation of the tongue to slowly accelerate the speed of the tongue up and down. Lick for a while and suck again, then continue licking. The rapid tongue speed will eventually cause the woman to orgasm.

I hope that today's sharing will help you guys to caress your female partners well, achieve the above 8 vaginal stimulation of orgasm, bring girls unprecedented stimulation, reach the climax.

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