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Morning sex, more powerful than the alarm clock to wake up in the morning! According to research, both men and women have the highest levels of hormones in the morning, so sex is not only hot, it's a great way to start your day.

Morning sex is definitely a great motivator to wake up early, both physically and mentally. It's as important as drinking soya milk with properly baked pancakes. Kemon will show you how to make love to him and start a beautiful day together.

The best thing after getting up, is to be with the other half

There is a myth that women are simply not interested in morning sex, whereas men will want to have it before breakfast anyway.

In fact, men in the early morning hormone content is the highest, women are also, not only psychologically particularly easy to stimulate sexual desire, sexual organs will become particularly sensitive, especially for men, the erectile degree at this time, will be harder than any other time, more lasting, no wonder grandma always said: "The early bird gets the" worm ".

So why is morning sex less important to women than Starbucks coffee? "Women are multitask-oriented," says Jennifer Berman, M.D., a women's sexual health expert and host of CBS '" The Doctors. "" When the sun comes up, they start thinking about what they have to do today instead of their sexual needs."

However, there are many benefits to having sex in the morning, not only for pleasure, but also for enhancing your relationship with your partner and improving your mood for the rest of the day. Julie, 27, is a devotee of morning sex. "Having sex in the morning with my fiance makes us feel closer and gives him more energy to tackle the challenges of the day at work," she says.

Studies have also confirmed that waking up early to have sex has many health benefits. Regular sex two to three times a week not only reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, but also improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. Plus, you can skip the gym, because sex can increase your heart rate from 70 beats per minute to 180, and 30 minutes of "exercise in bed" can burn more than 140 calories, and it's much more fun than 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Liz, 33, is a big fan of having sex in the morning because it's the time of day when she feels sexiest. "Compared to you after a big dinner and two glasses of wine, you're so light and hot," she says. Morning sex also boosts IgA activity in the body. IgA is a secreted protein, mainly distributed in the mucosal part, which can help the body to resist foreign pathogenic agents and improve immunity. Sex also boosts estrogen production, making your skin brighter, your hair shinier, and your nails smoother. When you go to work after sex, you'll feel better, and you'll feel more motivated to get things done! In other words, "Men get up and" raise the flag, "and women are in a good mood."

For many couples, having sex at a set time can make them feel tired and uninterested, but experts say being too attached to a set time or set rules can make both partners even less likely to have sex. 'You shouldn't be limited to having sex on certain occasions or at certain times,' says Dr. Berman. She has found from a number of female patients that once they have sex more often, they are more interested in sex.

Get up and soak yourself in the smell of coffee! But before you enjoy your coffee, make sure you have sex!

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