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Male animals are possessive and "confident" that they are good in bed and can satisfy women. But in fact it's probably just male ego superiority, and less than 10 percent of men get women sexually satisfied in bed. Males are designed to sow seeds, so ejaculation is their ultimate goal; Female sex, on the other hand, mostly involves love and affection.

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Reason you fail in bed 1: Too much foreplay

Men know that women need foreplay, so they think that a woman will be turned on by a strong kiss and a strong bite. But the truth is that not many women enjoy intense sex, and the pain doesn't bring pleasure, and in many cases it cools the excitement down. So gentle touch and touch is more important.

Reason you fail in bed 2: Moving too fast, thrusting immediately after insertion

It takes time for a woman to reach an orgasm, and moving too fast will not make a woman have an orgasm at all. Moreover, moving too fast means that the movement is not gentle enough. Men think that the rhythm is fast enough and the friction will be enough, so they also want to vibrate at high speed, whether with their hands or sexual organs, especially the penis immediately after penetration. This is a very unsuccessful approach, and if you rush it, you will ruin everything you have done.

This is because female genitals have a special function, which can shrink the uterus and make the vagina fit into the shape of the incoming object to improve the firmness. However, this function takes time to prepare, so it is inserted immediately. Female sex flumeria cannot adapt to the size and shape of male genitalia, so it cannot improve the firmness well. Plus, if you don't make a woman feel comfortable, especially uncomfortable and painful, how can you have pleasure?

Reason You fail in bed 3: Thinking that just rubbing your clitoris is enough

For a woman to achieve pleasure, a combination of stimulation is needed to stimulate all three sexual zones, including the clitoris, the G-spot and the external cervix. Many men think that simply rubbing the clitoris and G-spot is all they need, so they keep rubbing their fingers in similar places. However, if the technique is not gentle enough, too hard, and too much rubbing, it can deactivate the woman and affect the secretion of hormones in the brain.

Reason you fail in bed 4: Lack of touch zone

What are the sexy zones? Ear bead, side waist, armpit, above femoral groove... .. Of course, the nipples and clitoris are also particularly sensitive sex zones. But it's also a mistake to think that just by touching these places, it's going to be exciting. Because touching these places when you're not in the zone just creates an itch, it doesn't work. You have to flirt, get the woman engaged, and wait for these sensitive zones to become sexy.

Especially the nipples and clitoris, because these positions are particularly sensitive, peripheral nerves are also more, but in not ready state, suddenly have a strong stimulus, it will cause the opposite effect. That is to say, if you stimulate the sensitive zone in a violent way before you are ready, it will turn off the sensuality zone sensor. So it's better to be in a position where you can gently stroke the clitoris while you're in it. It's easier to stimulate more than one sex zone at a time, not separately.

Reasons you fail in bed 5: You're comfortable deep down

This is also the fallacy of many men, who believe that the deeper the penetration, the more excited and satisfied women will be. This may be A misunderstanding of watching "A" movies more! Women have no deep feeling at all, because the sensory nerves in the vagina are concentrated in the first third of the vagina from the entrance, other areas of sensation is very weak, especially the deepest. Keep in mind that in order for a woman to have an orgasm, there is no point in penetrating deep into the clitoris. You need to rub the clitoris to get the woman excited and release enough oxytocin or dopamine to achieve true sexual pleasure.

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