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While lying in bed with your loved one, romantic words in your ear can increase the enjoyment between you and your partner. Most people know this, but not everyone can do it.

Because it's hard enough to say something so hot to yourself, how can you say it in front of others? If you have the same problem, read on for five tips that will make it easy to say sweet things!

1. Make small moves to stimulate sex.
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When you love, you can enjoy the process of joy and give a natural response. Don't be shy about telling your partner if you feel good, or just groan or gesture and call your partner's name. When making out, it's often not enough to just say, "You're beautiful." Might as well through the actual case in life, let the love words more profound and moving.

When you feel that the conversation is going well and satisfied, increase the frequency of sweet talk. It certainly doesn't have to happen overnight. After all, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. Speak slowly step by step!

2. Don't be funny when it comes to intimacy.

If you want to mention your partner's private parts, don't be stupid enough to give it a funny nickname, or your partner may start laughing and the romance will fall apart, but don't be too formal. For example, terms used by doctors, such as penis, vulva or vagina, can also be antagonistic. If you still don't know what romantic terms to use, you can use plain elegant words instead.

3. Low frequency sounds are sexier

You can decide what you want to say in bed, just keep your voice down and be gentle. While this may seem like a small trick that won't do much good, it actually sounds more horny, as studies have shown that men produce low-frequency sound patterns that are more sexually attractive.

4. Compliment your partner.

Men who have the courage to praise women tend to be remembered by women. Of course, men love to be complimented, too, so telling your partner that you love them, sound, body, or smell can be the focus of a provocative conversation that can go a long way toward sex. Some people feel embarrassed or shy about pillow talk, but analyze the words carefully and you'll find the power of words and it's worth a try!

However, praise, while entertaining, cannot hide an honest physiological response. In fact, your body language often tells the truth about you and shows what you don't say in your heart. If you lie to your partner but your body language says otherwise, then you will embarrass and upset your partner and you will regret it.

5. After the gentle point, do not immediately wash sleep.

Some people shower and sleep as soon as they feel tired after making out, which sometimes makes the other half feel disrespected. So, in addition to cuddling, it's important to whisper romantic words in your ear. In addition, the most taboo thing after orgasm is silence, because sex is like a gift, your partner has given you a gift full of orgasm, so in addition to gratitude, you should give a gift in return.


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