Sex Machine Attachments

Women's sexual desire produces slowly, the degree is weak, the sexual excitement appears later. Therefore, if the lack of foreplay in the sex life, the man is generally difficult to move the woman, but also may lead to insufficient secretion of subsidiary gonadal fluid, can not play the role of lubrication. Rude and hasty action is also easy to lead to female aversion or cause pain. Generally, about 15 minutes of foreplay is advisable.

Sex can change from time to time, and the same sex is boring and you need to keep innovating to keep it fresh. In fact, there are a lot of everyday objects around us that can be used as sex props. Using them can both enhance sex and make you feel better.

light a candle to set the mood.

Research shows that women are more attracted to men in an atmosphere created specifically for them. Women also like to provoke men by creating an atmosphere. Lighting a candle is a favorite way for both men and women to create an atmosphere. It can not only increase romance, but also bring each other closer physically and mentally. Under the light of the candle, both sides are more relaxed physically and mentally, and the body contour is more moving, and both sides can enjoy sex more thoroughly. Candles scented with orange and lavender are a good choice because they contain essential oils that reduce anxiety and make people happy.

drink a glass of red wine, tasteful

A woman who drinks a little wine can be just right to show her charm and sex appeal, and men also prefer to see a woman after drinking. A feeling, a deliberate, a woman's face if peach blossom so charming, the man's eyes are naturally full of desire. Red wine, not only let the woman retain a few timid sex, but also fulfill the due reckless and wild unruly.

wear a towel, sexy bath

Men are more likely to be turned on by a woman wearing a bath towel, research suggests. Women may want to take a short shower before sex to maintain hygiene and allow men to gradually get aroused while they wait. When he sees you come out sexy in a towel and shake your moist hair, he's probably going to be so anxious that he can't stop.

buy an eye patch and play romantic games

For foreplay, lay your partner down on the bed, put a blindfold on him, and perform small gestures on him, such as kissing. Because he can't see you and doesn't know where you're going to kiss next, it's more exciting. Alternatively, you can write on your partner's sensitive spots and ask him to guess. This romantic little game will not only make sex more fun, but also enhance your relationship.

lay out a blanket and massage each other

May wish to temporarily transform the bedroom into a massage room, husband and wife massage each other, push essential oil, can induce and enhance sexual desire. Generally speaking, women's ears, neck, inner thigh, armpit, breast, nipples and other parts of the most sensitive, the husband can use the finger back press, the action should be gentle and slow, so as to arouse sexual excitement.

Take a shower before sex

Not only does a shower cleanse your body, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized, making you look better and relaxing. Hug your lover in the water, let each other's tenderness and body temperature gradually penetrate the body, each pore fully expand, enjoy breathing, daily pressure and trouble can be released instantly. Showering together as a couple can also enhance bonding and improve the quality of sex. In the shower, gently caress each other's bodies, have a chat, and scrub each other's backs. After gentle gentleness, can carry on the whole body massage, each other's body and mind will be more comfortable. The soft light in the bathroom can also easily outline the curves of the human body, which can evoke the urge of intimacy in a couple. Touching your partner's sensitive areas is also best used as foreplay.

install a mirror to increase sexual arousal

Want to know what it's like to have sex with each other? Wouldn't it be more exciting if I could see myself? Install a mirror in your bedroom, preferably facing the bed, so you can observe and reacquit each other's bodies during sex and increase arousal. Women are more likely to orgasm when they look in the mirror, research suggests. Passion when looking at the mirror in two fit hot curve, you and his wild and blurred look, what is more crazy than this, more bold stimulant?

During consensual foreplay, both partners get a good warm-up, setting the stage for a great sex life.

You can also use sex toys or sex machines to stimulate your partner's senses and give her the ultimate sensory experience.