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For newlyweds who can't even understand why sex is so dull? But for many old married people, this is already an important factor that bothers the couple's feelings! How can couples save a dull sex life? In fact, as long as you master some small methods, can effectively enhance the freshness between husband and wife!

How Can Couples Save A Dull Sex Life

1. Create a cozy sex nest

Sex should be romantic. There needs to be a certain atmosphere. There should be candlelight, flowers, wine and everything gentle and romantic. The husband and wife sex environment layout, in order to increase the romantic interest of sex. Invest in sexy lingerie and try to match the sound, light and color of your bedroom to your sex life.

2. Enhance communication of sexual feelings

In order to enhance sexual sensation, sufficient stimulation in the erogenous zone is necessary to be effective. Every man and woman's erogenous zones are different, so don't let shyness and other factors discourage you from expressing your sexual feelings. Let your partner know where you like to touch the sensitive areas that stimulate you through words and gestures.

3. Enjoy sex

During sex, relax your mind and body and focus on the pleasurable experience of sex. When necessary, it should be supplemented by films, music and reading materials with sexual descriptions, as well as some sexual fantasies and sex games to increase feelings. At the same time, do what you can to excite and excite your spouse. Partner involvement and sexual arousal can also, in turn, enhance one's own sexual feelings.

4. Overcome temporary sexual dysfunction

Men who have already developed sexual problems, such as an erection that is not hard enough to ejaculate, should take a break from sex and give themselves a generous "holiday". In the common couple's life gradually close to each other's feelings, and can be through the non-penile - vaginal form of sex life, such as masturbation and other ways gradually transition, enjoy each other to bring their own no pressure penile erection, orgasm ejaculation moment pleasure.

5. Say "No" appropriately

It may be the man or the woman who asks for sex. When your partner asks for sex and your partner feels "out of place," even with certain drugs, it's hard to get aroused. Learn how to say "no" gently so that your partner doesn't get upset. Common cases include illness in either spouse, stress at work, physical fatigue, hunger or alcoholism, depression, poor environment, and marital discord.

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