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Although the famous doctor of sexology, Kinsey, concluded after checking the sexual orgasms of countless people: "The sexual difference between people is like a gap. There is a public opinion among men that the more sexual orgasms they live, the more qualified they are. , the more masculine; the more satisfied and happy his wife will be.

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How many times a week is normal to exercise in bed?

What is the appropriate number of times of sexual intercourse is a difficult question to answer. The strength of sexual desire varies from person to person, so the number of times of sexual orgasm life cannot be stipulated mechanically, but should be adjusted appropriately according to the specific conditions of both parties. If you have good physical strength, you can do more; if you are tired or recovering from a serious illness, you should not do it or do less.

Generally speaking, couples aged 20~30, 3~5 times a week; couples aged 31~40, 2~3 times a week; couples aged 41~50, 1~2 times a week; 51~55 years old Couples, 1-2 times a week.



How to judge whether the frequency of sexual orgasm life is moderate?

It has been verified that the number of male orgasms generally decreases with age. During the age of 22-25, 3 times a week; 32-35 years old, 2 times a week; Second-rate. Of course, this is just an average number. Each age group varies widely, with some as many as a few times a day, while others as little as once a month. Therefore, it is not possible to judge whether sexual intercourse is moderate only from the frequency of sexual intercourse.

The frequency of sexual orgasm life, how many times is more appropriate, the amount of sexual activity is different for each person. If it is only rewarded from the physiological point of view, no matter men or women, regardless of age, as long as they are not forced or feel uncomfortable when they are sexually excited, they can live a life of sexual climax without having to think about the last interval. how long.

The so-called grievance, among women, refers to succumbing to the man's sexual demands; among men, it means that they don't want to have a sexual orgasm life, but rely on pornographic books or videos to "motivate" themselves, and even masturbate forcibly, so that they can have sex. Into an orgasmic life. This is quite harmful. Because a man will no longer have a sexual response for a short or long period of time after each ejaculation. It is a kind of natural protection for men. If you force yourself to invest in sexual orgasm life at this time, it is tantamount to deliberately destroying your own refractory period protection, which is of course harmful to your body.

How do newly married men and women grasp the frequency of sexual orgasm?

Newlyweds, the relationship between husband and wife is in a gluey state, and they have just had the experience of sexual orgasm life, so the frequency of sexual orgasm life is inevitable.

It is worth mentioning that men are more likely to indulge themselves, and their sexual orgasms are too frequent. In the eyes of some men, the more times they have sexual intercourse, the more they can show a man's strength and dignity; perhaps, they are not clearly aware of this, but feel that they should try their best to satisfy their wives' sexual requirements.

Therefore, after they have gotten pleasure from sexual orgasm life, they will continue to strengthen their sexual consciousness, trying to get erection again in the shortest time, and use the strength of will to support their exhausted bodies to have sexual orgasm life. Physical and mental health are at great risk.

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