Fucking machines

Understand sex machines correctly

The first thing is to have a correct understanding of sex machines. Sex machines are not meant to satisfy personal desires, but to allow couples to share orgasms. If used by couples together, it can make sex more fun, help them achieve sexual synchronization, allow them to enjoy orgasms at the same time, and greatly improve the quality of their sex life.

Choose products with quality assurance.

When using sex machines, be sure to choose reliable ones of acceptable quality. Pay attention to the maintenance of sex toys after use, store them in a clean and dry container, and disinfect them regularly to ensure hygiene.

Use sex machines according to the instructions.

The use of sex machines must be regulated. After you buy it, read the instructions carefully or read the relevant information on the website. If you're buying a big brand of sex machines, search their websites. Only standardized use, will not cause harm to oneself and lover, to ensure the health of reproductive organs, this is a healthy sex.

It's better for couples to use it together.

Couples should communicate well before using sex machines. After reaching an agreement, couples share the use of sex machines. Remember: Sex machines are a good addition to a couple's sex life, not a drag. It works best when two people use it together.

Use sex machines in moderation.

Use sex machines in moderation. Moderation here has two meanings, one is to use the frequency of moderate, too much is too late, moderate frequency can increase the fun of sex; Another is abstinence from sex machines. Don't go for weird sex machines just to get high.

Sex machines should not be shared with many people to avoid infection of venereal diseases and other inflammation.

The use of AC power supply sex machines should also pay attention to prevent leakage.