Riding Sex Machine

Have you ever had trouble seducing your partner? Don't worry, you may just not know or ignore sensitive parts of your partner's body. Every man and woman has their "weaknesses". In other words, stimulating other parts of your body can help you or the other person enjoy sex more actively. Here are six sensitive zones for men and women. Let's find out!

According to the study, 60 percent of men don't think their privacy is the most sensitive area, but the neck, ears and tongue are the most exciting areas for men.

1. The neck

It is one of the most densely distributed parts of the neck. So suddenly stroking your partner's neck, or blowing gently on it, can make them shiver, and then gently embrace them with both arms and turn them on with a kiss with a slight breath.

2. The ear

"Attacking a person's ears can give him an amazing experience. Simply whispering in your ear will turn him on, and with the help of your tongue, you can make his mood even hotter. Use a soft tone, whisper something provocative in your partner's ear, and add some tongue movements to seduce them.

3. The tongue

It's no surprise that deep kissing is the best way to arouse a man's desire. You need to warm up for the upcoming sex with different tongue movements and different rhythms of interaction. Start by wrapping your tongue around your partner's tongue or gently sucking on it.

In addition to the above three points, there are some sensitive areas that women should pay attention to in bed.

4. The lips

Before the night of passion, let's have a deep kiss. While it's not necessarily a romantic routine, kissing is an important way to stimulate the nerves in a woman's lips. Deep kissing produces secretions that affect the whole body and make you feel good. The only way to develop a sensitive zone on a woman's lips is to kiss. In addition, the tongue, teeth, and fingers can also be used to induce each other's bodies to produce the same secretions.

5. The nipples

After the private parts, the most well-known sensitive area for women is the nipples. Since they are the most delicate part of the skin, men need to know how to use them effectively to arouse their sexuality. Rub your hands around your breasts, or gently lick the skin around your nipples with your tongue. Then, support the nipple with your lips and gently rub it with your tongue. Then, the nipple is stimulated with more force. Observing the other person's reaction at the same time will help you determine what effect these subtle actions will have on the other person.

6. Inner thighs

Missing the most sensitive part of your inner thigh would be a big mistake. The best way to stimulate your inner thighs is to gently stroke them with your fingers or tongue to get blood flowing to your reproductive organs. If you can give oral sex naturally, it will be more enjoyable for your partner.

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