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Girls, how long has it been since you've had an orgasm? As relationships go from thrilling to stable and supportive, many couples experience a loss of enthusiasm or emotional burnout during this transition, missing out on the opportunity to grow and develop their relationships. The flatness and immutability of intimate contact is a big factor in couples gradually losing their love.

Today, the author is going to share some tips for women in the bedroom, so that your sex, and your whole relationship, can always be filled with little surprises and keep the heat on!

Tip 1: The Wish chest will give you sex surprises

I'm sure you catwomen all have romantic, passionate, or wild fantasies about sex. When routine sex is no longer enough to satisfy catwomen's desire for ideal sex, we might as well invite our partners to design our own wish box together. Whether you want your partner to be the occasional Wolf and make you feel wanted and loved by him or her with aggressive aggression, or to use characters and situations to enrich repressed sexual fantasies, or to use sex props to experience new worlds of pleasure, let these little sexual desires that we're usually too shy to talk about be stored in our own wish chest.

We can make a pact that after a weekend romantic date, we can draw little wish notes from the treasure chest to satisfy our mutual desire for sex, and keep the romance sweet with surprise sex and passion. We can also use the wish chest to reward or punish our partners for being good and bad, so that the design of the wish chest not only enriches our sex in bed, but also allows this sense of surprise to extend to our daily love life.

However, the author would like to remind girls to communicate with their partners in advance about acceptable sexual standards. The purpose of the wish chest is to let both of them fully enjoy the novelty and beauty of sex, and do not let the design of the chest cause psychological and physical unhappiness for themselves or their partners!

Tip 2: Role play to make men crazy about you

Girls, are you tired of the way you look? At this point, why don't we assume another identity in bed? On the one hand, they can free themselves from the rigid self-image construction and feel their own possibilities. On the other hand, they can let their partner enjoy the contrast beauty full of surprise and shock. Pure and sweet, you might as well occasionally turn passive into active, with your flexible hands and tongue to tease and explore your partner's sexy zone, and at the right time with provocative language to tease each other's desire for you.

This flexible switch between pure and wild will surely drive your man crazy for you! Independent and occasionally strong, you can try to soft posture in bed, sometimes coquetry, sometimes beg, and sometimes maintain your queen style, timely display your different personality beauty, let your man always be curious about your unpredictability and the desire to explore. To show the conflict of beauty between the two can not only make the sexual life of two people full of novelty and surprise, but also can express their various styles to each other only for him to retain and show the strong love.

Tip 3: Design exclusive passion password, tease your him at any time

In intimate relationships, we all need a set of sweet secret words that are exclusive to each other, and the use of these secret words can deepen the sense of togetherness. Girls, why don't we have a code just for sex or intimacy? The design of the code of sexual passion allows partners to imply their desire for him in secret words in front of people or in public, which deepens the excitement and mystery of the language tease. Now let's try flirting with this code of passion during the dating process, providing foreplay and warming up for the sex that follows!

Tip 4: Praise and communication will make your future sex a big bonus

A relationship tends to go flat because we take for granted the love and devotion of our partner, and a lack of passion and variety in our sex life is also responsible for this. When we stop talking to our partners verbally or physically about how much pleasure we get from sex and how much love we feel, sex becomes more of a routine.

Girls, please remember to compliment each other and give each other big hugs during and after sex so that both of you can feel physically and emotionally satisfied during sex. It's also important to remember to keep talking to your partner about what kinds of touches or verbal advances will put each other more at ease and reinforce the deeper enjoyment of sex together.

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