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Sex is an integral part of human health. Not only does it help maintain physical and emotional intimacy between partners, it also promotes the physical health of both partners. So, to prevent sex from falling off the charts, here are four tips that have a chance to improve your poor sexual behavior.

1. Stay away from your cell phone before bed

Your bed is for sleeping and sex only. Laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices should not be in bed, as they may cause insomnia and reduce and destroy your libido. Think about whether you're happy, but your partner can't put down the computer. At this point, how do you get your partner's hand to move from the keyboard to you? If you really want to have sex and rejuvenate, try to isolate these devices from the bed.

2. Avoid drugs that interfere with libido

To enjoy sex without worrying about getting pregnant, many people opt for oral contraceptives. Ironically, the estrogen in birth control pills may suppress your sex hormones, making you less interested in sex. In addition to birth control pills, some medications for anxiety, depression, acid reflux, and high blood pressure may also cause your libido to decrease. If you think medications are to blame, talk to your doctor. Do not adjust or stop the medication without authorization. Your doctor may be able to adjust the prescription to make it less likely that the medication interferes with your libido.

3. Call a truce at night and fight again during the day

Work and chores can be exhausting. When you're finally ready to go to bed, you won't have anything to have sex with. You just want to get a good night's sleep to make up for the energy you need the next day. After all, physical exhaustion kills your libido, so think differently. In fact, sex doesn't have to be at night. Why not have stimulating and refreshing sex in the morning!

4. Be confident in your body.

Being fat or pregnant can make body-unhappy partners resist sex and use the media to distort people's perceptions of the ideal body shape so that only a model's body shape is perfect. But this is far from the truth. In fact, your other half does not pay so much attention to bust, waist, buttocks and other external aspects. Ask your partner why he or she likes you, and you'll find that your partner doesn't care about those things, and you'll regain your confidence. But losing weight does have health benefits, and when you're in better physical and mental health, your libido is higher.