Sex Toy Machine

Although sometimes the length of sex time does not depend on the quality of sex, but some couples still think that the longer the sex, the more passionate and interesting it is.

If the sex time is not long, it means that men are not good, so there is no way to prolong sex. Today I will introduce several ways to prolong sex.


1. Stop for a while

Men should learn to control their emotions before ejaculation freely. Before the climax comes, they can realize it immediately and stop in time, keep still for 30-60 seconds, and hold their breath at the same time.

This helps to stimulate the parasympathetic nerves, significantly reducing sexual stimulation, so that men do not reach orgasm so quickly.

2. Experience cooperation

Making love is also an art, and it is the art of two people, and it is about cooperation.

Practice has proved that if women are good at guiding, men can properly extend the time of sexual intercourse, and women can obtain sufficient sexual satisfaction.

3. Changing sexual intercourse position

The side-lying, female-on-top, and sitting styles can all prolong the time of sexual intercourse. The reason is that the man exerts less force and relaxes his muscles, so that the man can control his ejaculation desire, thereby prolonging the time of sexual intercourse.

In addition, wearing a condom can also prolong the time of sexual intercourse.

4. Second sexual intercourse

Sex twice a night or twice in a short period of time is a good way to prolong intercourse, but it must have good body and good technique.

After one ejaculation, you can have intercourse again that night; masturbate and ejaculate first, and then have intercourse after the refractory period; after one ejaculation, you can have intercourse again within a few minutes while the sexual partner is still excited, which can achieve the effect of prolonging the time.

5. Squeeze the penis

When there is a sense of urgency to ejaculate, pull out the penis immediately, place the index finger and middle finger of the woman on the top and bottom of the coronal groove of the penis, put the thumb on the corresponding part, and squeeze and squeeze relative to each other, which can reduce sexual excitement.

Squeeze every 3-4 seconds to relax, so it can be repeated.


Using sex tools can also prolong the sex time!