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When tired of indoor air-conditioned love,some couples may want to try outdoor sex,the joy of living with nature, also known as "field war."For some people, especially young couples,this nervousness about being seen is what they seek.But when you try this kind of wild sex,be sure to think about safety in advance.For example,legal norms and cultures are different in each country,and such behavior may violate the law by mistake.If not,being seen by passers-by may also affect social perceptions.

So, if you really want a taste of the field, consider these three points without breaking the laws of this country. Don't worry others to satisfy your desires, and don't put your body at risk because of a momentary lapse.

1. Learn about the local culture and laws first.

The choice of location is important, and we don't want to have that awkward moment of eye contact. So first make sure that the culture of the country is suitable for the local safety, otherwise the children will not be so good. You also have to worry about a nice person taking a picture of you and Posting it on social media. So you want to avoid places where people can get through easily, such as schools, parks, swimming pools, etc.

2. Plan ahead and clean up afterwards.

No matter where you are, the most important thing is for the other person to enjoy sex. Therefore, good planning is necessary. If you're on a mountain or prairie, you can have some MATS or pads to make the interaction more comfortable and also show that you care about your partner. Of course, don't forget to bring things you'll need before and after the event, including condoms, lube, wet wipes, etc. After the event, please also remember to clean the private place, do not leave rubbish and sundries, be a citizen with public conscience.

3. Make good use of environmental advantages to create characteristic experience.

The goal of field warfare is to leave behind the comfort of the indoor environment and face the unknown and adventure of the outdoor environment. Therefore, couples can take the opportunity to relax in the environment, take advantage of the surrounding terrain and help each other experience unusual sex, such as kissing each other against the tops of trees or having sex in a hammock. If the other partner doesn't really want to have sex outdoors, it can be exciting to do it indoors.

Changing the situation slightly, such as opening the curtains or having sex on the balcony, can also create some tension, but be careful not to let outsiders see it. In addition, it is also in the home, but it is also a good way to choose a different place, such as the kitchen or bathroom, may also have a different effect than before.

What's more you can also use sex toys and portable sex machines to get excitement from sex in the open.There are varieties of sex machines and toys in our Orgasm Angel Store.