Sex Machine For Couple

Romantic atmosphere and the right skills to enjoy the true happiness of sex. But we all know that there are some techniques that work but are a little difficult to implement, so let's take a look at the super practical foreplay technique.

Because men and women have different physiological structures, the excitement often cannot be reached at the same time, and foreplay is especially important. So how does foreplay work?

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1. We may as well treat men and women's bodies as Musical Instruments. When the male is playing the female body, please gently twist and knead. The female needs emotional and spiritual caress and tease, in order to provoke affection, so slow down speed, hand and mouth with, kiss caress each other's body, from the farthest limb to breast and clitoris and other key parts slowly close.

2, kiss kiss her thousand times also not tired is often part of foreplay, in addition to kiss a man fell on the lip, hanging, neck, back, nipple, perineum, the clitoris to known sensitive zone, and don't ignore the fingers and toes, axillary, thigh, elbow and knee joints in areas such as the inside of the soft spots, try to lick, suck and bite the fanciful skill, Provoke different reactions.

3, gentleman mouth also start in this intimate moment, the hand is not idle, finger belly light touch, fingertip circle, finger pressing, digging, in and out of the variable "finger skills", can be applied in all can be imagined and to be developed sensitive belt. At the same time, close embrace, gentle embrace, body rubbing contact, also often make women hair stand up, gasp, body gently.

4, foreplay touchdown can enjoy multiple orgasms men can also masturbate female speed, help women masturbate, so that women in the foreplay to achieve the first orgasm. This can not only prolong the time, but also enable women to enjoy multiple orgasms during sexual activity. When does foreplay stop? So when is it time to stop foreplay? The lips that a woman wants to bite, the hands that flutter, the fingers that she wants to grip, the writhing and rubbing, the clenching of legs and buttocks, the rapid twittering, the wet vagina, you can see the clues.

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