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Love is a passionate act of the whole body of the senses, the tongue of course dexterous to join in the feast of love; (Oral sex) tongue has the advantages of warm, moist, flexible, is a very important sexual organ, not only can be in the foreplay caress to show their skills, direct contact with the sexual organs, the pleasure is no less than the sexual organs of real bullets directly touch.

Love is a passionate act of the whole body of the senses, the tongue of course dexterous to join in the feast of love; The tongue is warm, moist, flexible and other advantages, is a very important sexual organs, not only can be in the foreplay caress to show their skills, direct contact with the sexual organs, the pleasure is no less than the sexual organs of real bullets directly touch.

However, there is no denying that because the sexual organs are so close to the excretory organs (male semen outlet is the urethral opening), many people have psychological barriers to oral sex and even refuse oral sex. But in fact, oral sex is a human instinct. All female animals secrete pheromones near their genitals to attract males when they are in heat, and allow males to contact the female genitals with their mouths for a while to play and then start mating.

Averageperson won't use insurance more when oral sex, remind you when oral sex, should pay attention to venereal prevention and cure all the more. If genital organs are infected with syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, cauliflower, non gonococcus sex urethritis and other venereal diseases, it is possible to infect sexual partners through oral sex, because of this, unfavorable oral sex. In addition, avoid oral sex if there is mold on the genitals, bacterial skin infection, or a cut in the mouth.
If you are happy, I am happy

Pleasuring is a very important element of sexual activity. Therefore, the first step in breaking down the psychological barrier of oral sex is to be happy with your partner. As for how to make your partner happy with oral sex, as long as you master the following five principles, I believe you will be able to do it easily!

1. Understand your partner's reasons for rejection

Whether you feel dirty or have other taboos such as religion, try to discuss it openly with your partner.

2. Pay attention to bed etiquette

Washing off your body -- especially the important parts -- before going to bed is a sign of caring for your partner.

3. Patience, encouragement and praise

Give your partner time to adjust, and encourage and compliment them when they agree.

4. Find poses that you like

Some oral sex positions are different from sex, and let the person who has a problem choose the position. Of course, both sides can also make a good communication decision.

5. Reference books or videos

A lot of knowledge and skills can be gained through appropriate books or videos.

Oral sex tips StepbyStep

Know how to master oral sex skills, step by step attack, will make both sides feel more High, but also more into the intimate atmosphere!
Set the mood, don't start. Can massage gently to pubic hair by navel first, caress thigh inside.

Find the most comfortable position

The two most commonly used oral sex positions are: one is when the woman lies on the bed with her legs bent outward; Men can lie on their stomach or kneel between women's legs to stimulate the clitoris and labia. In the other, the man lies on his back and the woman sits on her knees between her legs or above her face. No matter which posture is adopted, both sides should take comfort and pleasure as the first choice.

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Use the basic movements of the tongue

Caressing, teasing, licking, and attracting; For example, gently sweep the labia minora with the tip of the tongue, then lick the clitoris in a circular way, rub up and down the clitoris, and then suck on both sides of the clitoris. Remember to use different levels of force and speed, and decide whether to increase or speed up depending on her reaction.
Don't use your teeth to bite your sex organs or blow into your vagina. If accidentally bitten, it is easy to cause infection, because there are many bacteria in the mouth; Do not blow because if air bubbles enter the blood vessels, it is easy to cause embolism.

A gentleman speaks and does

Men can add hand movements, such as caressing other parts of the body or vaginal stimulation.

Female cooperation during oral sex

Touching the man's body with hands, such as placing both hands or one hand on the man's head, can be used to guide his strength and position.

Move your hips with the movement of your partner.

Compliment each other when they do well, and don't be shy about groaning with pleasure to turn up the heat.


My girlfriend and I enjoy oral sex, but sometimes I accidentally swallow vaginal discharge, will it affect my health? Too fan oral sex, can you make cummer do not like genital intercourse instead?


Under normal circumstances the vagina bacteria may also is less than the mouth, but part of the pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases or virus, will exist in the body fluids or secretions, vaginal discharge is no exception, so if the woman has cauliflower, gonorrhea, rash, or even HIV/AIDS, the secretion of these will have a chance to become infected venereal medium, even if not swallow into the belly, just spit out in his mouth, There's still a chance of getting sick. From a safe-sex standpoint, it's best to be careful unless you're the only partner you have and there are no STDS.

The pleasure and orgasm of oral sex and genital sex are basically different, but interactional use varies. If you are concerned, oral sex and genital sex can be done together, or not oral sex every time you have sex.

Good oral sex skills tend to excite women during foreplay; However, if you're not sure about your partner's health, it's better to avoid oral sex!

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