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In the cold winter, going to a hot spring with your partner is the first choice for many couples. Warm and hazy steam, water pouring under the wet, coupled with the touch of the shower cream, it is a good time to have a hot sex!
However, because of the wet and slippery environment, it is easy to slip and hurt yourself if you are not fully prepared first, and the original romantic atmosphere suddenly goes up in smoke! If you want to enjoy the beauty of hot springs, check out our guide to guide you from front to back and four tips for having the perfect sex!

1. Slippery foreplay: Make good use of your shower accessories

You usually wash your body before you take a bath. At this time, you can start with a smooth body wash for your partner, remember to stay in the area where he wants to be touched more; Then he goes further and lathers with a bath ball. He will love the gentle touch!
When rinsing, try to adjust the shower shower head pattern and water temperature to massage or stimulate another partner's sensitive zone! Paired with a splash or some waterproof sex toys, you'll be in the porn mood in no time.

2. Advanced foreplay: Hot tub teasing

First fill the bath tub with hot water; After a brief cleansing, soak together in the bath tub. Then, you can choose to lie half in his arms and let his hand gently touch your sensitive band. At this point, the intimacy of your overlapping bodies will make you feel overwhelmed with love.
Or you can mischievously sit face to face with him and tease his abdomen, chest to shoulders with your feet; Your soft skin sliding in the fine foam will make him can't help but wrestle you down in the next second!

3. Three sex positions for hot springs

First of all, it is suggested that you can try the most accessible female sitting position. Have your partner sit in the chair, you let him in with the woman on top, you can control the Angle you like. At this time you can shower, you will have a different feeling of excitement!
Follow up with a strong, stimulating back pose. You can put your hand on any firm place and let him enter you from behind. But this position can be a bit difficult. If your partner keeps having trouble finding an entry point, try raising your hips or spreading your legs slightly and lowering your body slowly.
At this point, if your partner hasn't gone limp from the hot water, try the difficult standing pose again! But remember to stand on the mat, so you don't have to enjoy the sex before it's ruined!

4. Pleasure technique: Don't switch positions too quickly!

Some people may find it difficult to have sex near a hot spring pool because the slippery conditions make your movement and state less stable than before. A lot of slippery sex is based on trusting each other, and in addition to being prepared and avoiding risky behavior, you should always be considerate of your partner's feelings.
Therefore, it is recommended that once you find a comfortable position during spa sex, you should not move to another position too quickly than if you are in bed.
One of the best things about spa or bathroom sex is that it allows you to experience different tactile sensations than you do outside of bed. You can explore each other's bodies in detail and find any sexy zones you don't already know about!
So it's a wonderful opportunity to experiment with different levels of sex. If you both have enough time and interest, you might as well spend some time in the hot spring house, wiping every inch of each other's skin at the end of the play's caress, the pleasure of the various body positions with the bath; Perhaps, you will be able to feel the most intimate with each other physically!
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