In this guide, we'll look at the costs, components, and how to really build your first DIY sex machine.

Now, you have a burning desire for a beautiful, fully functional DIY sex machine. But you don't know where to find parts. How to identify the best design? Or where to start when binding components. If the above bill meets your requirements, then you are sure to get a discount. Stay here and learn how to make a sex machine at home.

How much will it cost?  

The answer depends on the depth of your pocket and how much you're willing to spend.  

This is because there are countless parts to choose from during the assembly process.  Each one has a different price depending on your location.  

In other words.  You can make one yourself for as little as $150 or more than $1,200.  

What parts do you need?  

Before we get started, here's a list of the basic parts you'll need.  Find or improvise from appliances or the garage.  

They include:  

Motor - We used a wiper motor (12V) because it was easy to access.  It's a little loud, but good background music drowns it out like magic.  (45-150 dollars)  

Speed controller - You should buy a controller in the 9-60 DC voltage range that will keep the motor in the same range ($25)  

Power - For our 12V motor, in this case, a 5 6A power module can work.  ($10)  

Housing - The base size we have here is 24 "x 9.5".  The measured values of the vertical plate where the motor and shaft are mounted may differ.  This depends on the size of the motor and shaft used.  ($10)  

Rod and vacuum U-lock attachment - length of stroke provided by rod.  You have to adjust them to the length that works best for you.  Vacuum U-lock accessories are available at most retail stores and you need to attach them to the end of a pole.  ($10)  

The way to tie it all together - you'll need screws, bolts, nuts, air duct connectors, threaded ball joints, wrapped ball joints, rigid couplings, and miscellaneous rod parts to cover any adjustments to your perfect DIY operating machine.  ($25)