This global pandemic is forcing a lot of people to rethink what it means to have a good sex life and what it means to have a good, happy conversation.  Some people who are dating but are isolated in different places take advantage of the time and space. I've heard that some people write erotic stories to each other.  A lot of people have a lot of creativity.  If you use your imagination, there are plenty of ways to have a sexy time without actually meeting someone face-to-face.  


Another important point at the moment...  Some people may find that they or their partners have different sexual needs.  You might find yourself going on dates once a week and suddenly you're all living under the same roof.  You may find that sometimes you want to have sex but your partner doesn't, and sometimes the other way around.  The important thing is to communicate with respect and consideration for each other.  Living together doesn't give you the right to have sex whenever you want.  And anyone living with a partner who feels uncomfortable because they feel forced to have sex with them can seek professional help or to get some sex toys such as vibrators or sex machine to improve relationship .