Did you know that anal sex is one of the fastest growing sexual acts in the UK because it is one of the most intense and enjoyable. But while many people still want to try anal sex, knowing where to start can be a little scary. Fortunately, with a few tools and this handy guide, you can become an anal expert and start your more complete anal sex journey.

Why try anal sex?

For men who love to stimulate their prostate, they already know the secret - the anus is full of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can cause intense orgasms. Only men are born with a prostate, a small gland that helps produce semen. The prostate is surrounded by nerve endings that cause intense pleasure. Women, on the other hand, have g and A spots, which can be stimulated during anal sex. Both men and women can enjoy the anus and experience a new level of fun!

In particular, stimulating the prostate can help treat erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory pain. In addition, exploration behavior has been linked to the following health benefits: better sleep, a stronger immune system, a happier mood, reduced stress, less pain and improved circulation.
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1. Talk about anal sex with your partner
When you are with your partner, it is important to maintain open communication to ensure that you are both safe and comfortable with any sexual stimulation you seek. Be aware that anal sex carries a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections than vaginal sex. Although there is no risk of pregnancy, you and your partner may still want to consider using condoms and continue to get tested regularly for STDS to ensure continued sexual health. When working with a partner, it is your right to refuse anal sex. Anal sex is an incredible experience, but it's not mandatory. Don't let any partner force you to have anal sex. Explore on your own terms.
2. How to prepare for anal sex
Many potential anal explorers worry about potential confusion. A mess can't be ruled out, so it's best to accept a little poo. If you're still worried, you can take some extra precautions and use an enema or rinse to make sure you're clean! One of the best ways to prepare for anal sex is to try masturbation. This allows you to touch your body and get used to the feeling. Starting alone also allows you to start at your own pace. You use a lot of lube for anal sex. Anal relaxants are a great choice for anus as they can help reduce some muscle tension, especially when you're still studying! Because the anus is made of thinner tissue than the vagina, it is more likely to tear. So, you can't use enough lube! The more the merrier! This will make the experience more enjoyable and reduce the chance of injury.
Why is the anus stretched? If you want to increase the pleasure of anal penetration, you may be interested in anal stretching. The name may be a little scary, but it's just a technique that can make you feel more comfortable during anal sex! Beginners can use anal stretching to help them feel comfortable when using anal toys or feel more relaxed with their partner. An experienced anus can be stretched to a more advanced size. Anal stretching can make you feel stronger and satisfy different fantasies and quirks!
3. How do I start anal stretching?
Anal stretching is not a quick activity. Increasing your anal tolerance takes a lot of time and patience. Luckily, with some anal stretch toys and lots of lube, you can unlock a new level of fun.
4.Anal sex toys
Buying sex toys is one of the most fun parts of anal stretching! Of course, diversity is your friend. Start small and work your way up. Maybe you have a specific anal sex toy and you're dreaming about it. That's your target, the dildo! Maybe you even want an anal sex machine! Whatever your purpose in stretching your anus, there's a tool that can do the job. Just make sure you buy lots of lube to go with your new toys. No matter where you start, you can't jump into the abyss. You have to start small. A good way to start is to measure your current anal dildo. If you don't have an anal dildo, you can measure your finger. Once you have your current size, look for one slightly larger than your current size (about a quarter of an inch). Anal prosthesis is best if it has a tapered tip that is easy to insert. There are even special anal stretching toys. Butt stuffing is also a good place to start. You should make sure the bottom of your butt plug is tapered to avoid it slipping in. The hip plug is designed for comfort and fixation, so it may be a good choice to help you get used to the new size. If you want to practice anal sex, there are special dildos that can help you get used to the feel of your hands. Some are even shaped like hands!
5. Risk: Due to the delicate nature of the anus, it is easy to tear. Be sure to walk slowly and stop if you feel pain. You shouldn't feel any severe pain and it shouldn't last more than 2-3 days. You want to push yourself until you feel the internal pressure and then withdraw. Plus, because there are bacteria in the anus, you definitely don't want to alternate between anus and vagina. Vaginal penetration through the anus carries a risk of serious infection.

Are you ready for some fun? Now that you know a little about the benefits of trying anal sex, I bet you're ready to get started right away! If you're a little curious, why not take a look at our existing dildos and sex toys? Can give you some inspiration! Be sure to bring enough lube for a safe sexy time!