A 2008 study that asked 1,478 straight men about their sex lives found that 24 percent of them were anal with their fingers and 18 percent enjoyed anal sex with toys. Fast forward to 2020, sex is positive, and more straight men are shamelessly trying anal than ever before. For many straight men who enjoy anal stimulation, fixation is the answer. But what exactly does "nailed" mean? What toy should you use to fix it? Do women like to hammer nails?

All these questions and more are answered in this guide.

What is a hook?
Definition: Hook: A sting is when a woman inserts a dildo into her male partner's anus for pleasure. Some straps vibrate, allowing the female partner to experience pleasure as well. For a more direct answer, the Urban Dictionary defines it as "reverse anal sex." Instead of a man inserting a penis into a woman's ass, a woman puts on a strapping device and inserts it into a man's ass. "Of course, it's possible for a person of any gender to wear a harness and have anal sex with a person of any gender, but usually 'hooking up' refers to a woman having sex with a man, especially in straight male couples.

Why do men like to be nailed?
It could be because of a master-servant relationship or a female relationship, but it could just be because the male partner finds it enjoyable. You see, many anal bands are used to stimulate the prostate gland, also known as the "P spot" or "man's G-spot." Due to prostate milking, this can lead to very strong fixed orgasms. In fact, stimulated by the prostate, men can ejaculate and experience a hands-free orgasm without touching the penis at all. This is a (NSFW!) A video shows a man selling his hand while being nailed by his girlfriend.

At the end of the day, straight men love being staked for the same reason gay men love anal sex -- men have a happy zone in their anus!