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The reason why sex no longer fun?

First, there are a lot of good reasons why sex isn't fun anymore. Changes in libido, medications (such as certain antidepressants), stress, daily obligations and long-term relationships can all contribute to reduced sexual pleasure.

It's important to note that while sex may decrease, happen less frequently, or you may feel limited by what's on the menu, there's always room to learn and experiment. And the stress and routine might stop the fun for a while, but it will come back with some tricks!

Top 10 Fun things to Get You back in bed

1. Let's get a room. Literally.

If you want to have more fun with sex, plan a sexy vacation with your partner. Sometimes, change your landscape, break your traditions, and sometimes, a completely depressing schedule may just be what the doctor suggested, adding something extra and special. Since stress is a major factor in a destructive life, you must take time to relax so that you are in the mood.

2. Pretend you're a stranger.

We know, it's an old role-playing, but there's something about it! For couples who have been together for a long time, sex can sometimes feel like a play or rehearsal. By acting as a stranger, you may feel more free to express your true wishes and not let your daily life hold you back. Seeing a new side of your partner can also be an interesting experiment. Before the role-play begins, make sure you have a brief conversation about what to do and what not to do as strangers. Meet at a bar or cafe and see where it takes you!

3. Try new positions

Regular sex is for a reason. You know what's good for each other, so you go for your top two positions instead of trying something new. Go to our blog for inspiration and try a new way to have sex.

4.Try masturbating with each other.

There are two unexpected benefits to masturbating each other. First, masturbation can increase sexual desire. Second, watching your partner touch you gets you excited! You can try masturbating with each other as part of foreplay, as the main sex act, or as kinky role play.

5. Try a couple toy or ambiance

Having a sex toy in the bedroom is just what you need for extra fun. First, sex toys can guarantee more orgasms and different kinds of orgasms. Sex toys can also break up the routine of sex and add a little excitement to it.

6. Experimental kink and BDSM

There are countless ways to try Nuck and BDSM in your relationship. You can use power dynamics (state of play: one side is dominant, the other is submissive). You can also try tying yourself up with a tie or scarf, whether store-bought or homemade. You can deliciously punish your partner with your hands or a whip.

Before attempting BDSM, it is necessary to discuss what you agree and disagree with. As always, confirm with your partner verbally before and during sex and after sex, but also make sure their body language indicates they're comfortable. For example, if you are whipping someone and their response is to contract their muscles and pull them apart, then you are overexerting yourself. Start slowly and build up. In BDSM, start small and then try big fantasies to make sure you're both comfortable with whatever interesting explorations you decide on.

7. Try watching an erotic book or a moral porn movie together.

Sometimes, the warm-up is the reason couples struggle to enjoy sex -- they don't spend enough time on foreplay. Reading sexy stories or watching moral porn can help people acquire sexual gear and stimulate new positions or sexual behaviors. Watching moral porn together can also inspire you to talk about new highs you didn't know you had.

8. Have a sweet meal.

Food and foreplay are a powerful match. Use food in the bedroom to stimulate the senses and increase excitement. You can enjoy sweets while licking them off each other and driving them crazy. Or, bite into a strawberry and make out. Just make sure there's no sugar in your vagina! The most popular items to bring into the bedroom are honey, whipped cream, strawberries and ice cream

9. Take a couple sex class

To spark passionate sex, visit your local sex toy store and take a class to pique your interest. Even if you think you're an expert on sheets, there's always something to learn. After all, if you don't see sex as something to expand your vocabulary, things might start to go awry. You can also find online classes taught by sex coaches and sex educators on techniques, techniques and tools used in sex. Taking a sex class together can spark conversations about shared sexual fantasies. You may learn something completely unexpected about yourself or your partner.

10. Talk about it

What interests you most at the end of the day?