1. Figure Eight

orgasm sex position sex machine

This position will give you a double dose of orgasmic pleasure: your partner's penis should move in a circular motion inside your vagina to stimulate your vagina.  At the same time, your pubis can gently rub against your clitoris.  This is a slow, easy-to-achieve position that allows you to lie down and let your partner caress you for a long time.  

 Even better...  The vibration of the cock crowing.  Slide it to the base of your partner's penis with lubricant and it will resonate with your clitoris and their penis.  

2.Tight Squeeze

orgasm sex position , sex machine

Prepare for full control.  With legs clamped together and ankles crossed, you can feel the entire length of your partner's penis or bandage and hold on tight to it, generating plenty of feel-good friction as they penetrate deeply.  Let them reach under you and play with your breasts and nipples as you swing.  While this action provides a real sense of luxury, there isn't much movement, so this is the main position of the penis for people who wish to delay orgasm.  

Make it better...  Nipple straw.  Wear them and feel the enhanced sensation - you can reach orgasm through your nipples.  

3.The Dragon
Get ready for an exciting experience...  Cyclic stimulation or binding of a sexual partner's penis slowly stimulates your entire vagina, which can lead to a super intense orgasm if you are able to reach it through penetration.  There's not a lot of movement in this position, so if you have a partner with a penis who will come over quickly, it's a good try.  Let them use their lips, tongue and teeth to explore the more overlooked parts of your body, like your back and the base of your neck.  This position is about you.  
4.On The Edge

This is a position that is sure to feel incredible, as you can control both the depth of penetration and the intensity of clitoral stimulation.  Your partner will love it because it gives them a chance to touch their surroundings and let their hands wander around.  Have them gently touch your hips, back and thighs with their fingers.  Plus, they're in the perfect position to caress and kiss your breasts, face and neck.  

Make it better...  Bullet vibrator.  Your partner can use it to stimulate your clitoris 

5. The G-Force


This step means giving the REINS to your partner, but it's worth it.  For those of you who know the power of the G-spot, deep, intense thrusts will make you spin.  Gravity is also the perfect position in your body when your partner uses their hand to stimulate your clitoris.  If you can give up your highest position, it is a position where the power will be with you.  

Make it better...  An incredible wand massager.  If you like clitoral vibrations, have your partner use a powerful stick vibrator.  

6.Up, up and away
If you want to cause the friction of goose bumps, try this: Raise your legs up and bring them together to create a super-tight sensation.  Because your partner is entering you at a small Angle (about 30 degrees), you both have a lower-body feel, which is very different from the missionary or dog position you're used to.  You can touch your clitoris and labia while your partner is pumping.  Or just lie back and enjoy how wonderful your body is.  
7.Side wind-her

In this position, your partner rotates their hips to make sure they touch a new one with each insertion  

The inside pleasure zone that keeps you on the edge of orgasm (if insertion does it for you).  Because they like to be the power behind the position and let them do the work while you lie back, relax and start complaining.  

Make it better...  Cute little butt plug for beginners.  To increase satiety and put pressure on your G-spot from the inside, wear a small plug when your partner inserts you.  

8.Standing tiger/ crouching dragon


This one is about focusing on your own orgasm. In this position, you can easily touch your clitoris with one hand, and you're in the perfect position to fully stimulate the G-spot as your partner's penis or band tilts against the tight front wall of your vagina. Their hands are on your hips, and they get a kick out of controlling the Angle and speed of insertion.

Make it better... Load with high quality lubricating oil. This means deep penetration will not cause pain and will be as pleasant as possible for both of you

9.Frisky floor show


10.Face to face Fandango

sex position

Unlike other deep contact postures, this one allows for the best eye contact, kissing and touching.  Your partner enters your body from above, while your hand is over your head, coming out from behind.  They can play with your breasts with their hands or tongue to give you the greatest pleasure.  It's up to them.  

 Even better...  Handcuffs.  Have your partner handcuff you behind your head.  So you must never cheat or touch them.