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During sex, the most common complaint women have about men is that they don't have enough foreplay time, that they want to skip caressing and "get to the point", which they see as a waste of time, not only affecting the quality of the sex, but also making their partner suspicious and even refusing to have sex. According to Men's Health, foreplay is the key to a woman's sexual bliss, and men should keep their eyes open and give her this "thoughtful gift" the next time they have sex.

Nevin lists 10 "foreplay techniques" for men to take notes on:

1. Massage and warm up

Try helping your partner start by massaging her feet, working from her thighs to her ankles, kneading her heels, and stretching her toes one by one. If she has attractive feet, she can also suck her toes, which can bring her great pleasure.

2. Ask her what she loves

Don't be afraid to ask your partner what she wants during sex. Barbara Bartlik, a professor of bisexology at Cornell University, said, "Most women appreciate a man who is willing to give them satisfaction." If a woman notices that a man is making an effort to have sex with her, she will return the favor.

3. Be committed

Michael Perry, a sex therapist in Encino, Calif., says women are more likely to notice when a man "slits" before getting down to business. So during foreplay you have to be really involved. If you want to know how her legs feel, try touching them; If the bottom line fascinates you, kiss it. "When a man is really engaged in foreplay, she responds," Perry says.

4. Use kisses

Sex experts believe that women get a kick out of kissing passionately. Especially if you find that your partner has lost "sexual interest", kissing is the best way to regain desire. But remember, a big kiss isn't just about mouth to mouth. Try kissing her on the nose, eyes, or forehead.

5. Do sex push-ups

A man lying down in a push-up position and allowing his partner to slip into it is also a flirtatious way to show off strong abs. According to sex therapist Michael Perry, it's easy for women to blush and feel the strength and sexuality of a man.

6. Stimulate the clitoris correctly

During foreplay, men should focus on stimulating the clitoris! But experts say that direct clitoral stimulation can be painful, and that the best thing to do is to massage the edges of the clitoris and wait until your partner is in the zone before increasing the stimulation.

7. Don't neglect your labia

There are nerve endings around the labia, which is a great place for foreplay. You can use your fingers to rub and stimulate.

8. Reward her for taking initiative

It can be hard for a woman to "want" sex, so when she initiates sex, a man must show that he likes it and make extra efforts to give her better sexual satisfaction, letting her know that she is being rewarded.

9. Read erotic novels

The occasional dirty joke can raise the mood, but for better results, find a romance novel and read it aloud. The plot of the novel and the imagination can be the aid of sex.

10. Give her "olfactory" stimulation

Research has shown that men with strong odors are more attractive and sexy than those with weak odors, while musk is one of women's favorite odours. It is recommended that men choose this scent of body wash or eat some sweet chewing gum before sex to help her get aroused.

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