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Sex is not just a matter of pulling and thrusting. It's important to use the right technique as well as the heart! How shallow is it? How deep is it? Let's hear what the Taoists have to say.

It's both shallow and deep

The media is almost always full of mattress spring-crunching, in-and-out sex, resulting in rapid ejaculation and little satisfaction for both partners. Daoists believe that proper thrusts and thrusts are essential to pleasing each other, controlling ejaculation, and overall health during lovemaking, and they strongly encourage couples or couples to wait until the woman is highly excited to have sex. In Taoist terms, the man must wait until the woman's pot is boiling before he can put in his carrots and beans. Otherwise, their sex will be dull and his carrots will soon be soft.

When most people think about sex, they only think about in and out. Daoists map the pleasure and reflex points of the penis and vagina, believing that a man has many different depths and directions to thrust in order to please himself and, more importantly, his partner. As will be explained in the next chapter, these points correspond to the organs and glands of the body, which can be healed and energized by massage.

Although you should experiment with different depths and directions, this book is mostly simple, with three basic thrusting techniques that are helpful: shallow thrusting, long thrusting, and short thrusting.

Find a rhythm that works for both of you

Daoists strongly recommend that men (or women) change their thrusting methods. Deep penetration pushes the air out of a woman's vagina, creating a vacuum that can be enhanced by shallow penetration and maintained as long as the penis is not fully withdrawn.

Daoists recommend using nine shallow thrusts and one long deep thrusts, or nine short thrusts and one long deep thrusts as the basic rhythm. Long thrusts, though highly enjoyable, make it difficult for men to control ejaculation; However, while a short deep penetration is satisfying for women, it's not exciting enough for men. Of course, after men learn better ejaculation control skills, and can have multiple orgasms, the rate of thrusting can be reduced to six, or even just three short thrusts, or short deep thrusts plus one long deep thrusts. The most important thing is to find a set rhythm that you like and then innovate and experiment with different depths, directions and speeds.

Of course,if a man has trouble getting or maintaining an erection,a long and deep penetration is the best way to solve the problem.The Taoists realized that sometimes when a man wants to get an erection,he just can't.This is what sex therapists call "situational impotence."In this case, Taoists feel that it is necessary for men to know the technique of soft penetration. In normal ejaculatory sex, the man penetrates hard and pulls out soft. In the Taoist way, the male can be soft or hard when inserted, but still hard when withdrawn.

Short deep thrusts, which we call "bottom-up thrusts" in the book Male Multiple Orgasms, are a great way to control ejaculation. This is the best thrusting method when a woman is about to orgasm and wants the male penis to stay deep inside her. With this thrusting method, a man can please a woman without risking his own ejaculation.

The most important thing is to find a set rhythm that you like and then innovate and experiment with different depths, directions and speeds.

Solution - Three insertion methods

  • Shallow insertion

Shallow penetration can irritate the highly sensitive first four centimeters of a woman's vagina and, depending on the position, the G-spot.

  • Long deep interpolation

Long thrusts are a type of deep thrusts in which the man pulls back his penis almost to the vaginal opening. The media, porn, or literature describes this kind of thrusting. When a man thrusts the glans along the length of his partner's vagina, it can be very stimulating for both partners.

  • Short deep interpolation

Short thrusting is another type of deep thrusting, in which the man's penis stays deep inside the woman and thrusts back and forth. This will stimulate her clitoris (because of the pressure on her pubic bone) and the back of the vagina, while not stimulating the glans in the same way in men.

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