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Orgasm, is the pursuit of men and women also desire the ultimate sexual pleasure, the past has discussed A lot of articles about female orgasm, in addition to the clitoris, vaginal orgasm, there are cat men cat women must know the mysterious G, A, C point, through the stimulation of these sensitive nerve parts, can let women get electric shock like orgasm feeling.

Orgasm is how to discuss the endless knowledge, but today there to discuss the "male orgasm". You think a man ejaculates and has an orgasm? Do you think that's all a man wants from an orgasm is a final blast? Instead of saying you didn't know, here are five secrets of men's orgasms that are changing your mind. Man, you'll have a broader definition of what it feels like to orgasm all the time!

Honey, ejaculation doesn't mean I'm here: Men need orgasms, too

The physical phenomenon of ejaculation occurs in men within seconds of orgasm, but the intense pleasure of orgasm is not synonymous with ejaculation.

Is a man's ejaculation an orgasm? In fact, a man's orgasm is not equal to ejaculation. Studies have found that the physiological phenomenon of ejaculation will occur in a few seconds after a man reaches orgasm, but the intense pleasure of orgasm is not the same as ejaculation. American sexologists Masters and Jason mentioned in the book Human Sexual Response that men cannot achieve orgasm satisfaction when ejaculating under the condition of weak ejaculation, shock or electric shock. Some adolescent boys may experience orgasm without ejaculation while masturbating. These two conditions are the separation of orgasm and ejaculation.

Therefore, ejaculation does not mean a man has arrived! When a man is startled or continually stimulates the glans to ejaculate, but there is no erotic display or orgasm pleasure, that is not far from the emptiness of a woman's false orgasm! Just because men have an explicit ejaculation response doesn't mean they don't need to satisfy the erotic heart.

Deep breath! It's better to hold back: Men can have multiple orgasms too

Some men can refrain from ejaculating when they orgasm and their muscles contract, that is, they experience an unejaculated orgasm.

Multiple orgasms aren't just a perk for women! According to Kinsey, a sexologist, more than half of prepubescent boys have a second orgasm within a short period of time, and nearly a third have five or more consecutive orgasms. "You can obviously have an orgasm without ejaculating," he says.

Also, in the Principles of Human Sexuality, Helran. "Some men can refrain from ejaculating during orgasm, when the muscles contract, that is, they experience a non-ejaculatory orgasm," Cacadourian further notes. "There is no withdrawal period (erectile withdrawal) after this type of orgasm, so men can enjoy continuous or multiple orgasms just like women."

Have these studies turned your idea of a man's orgasm on its head? The next time you feel a strong orgasm before ejaculation, take a deep breath and bear it down! Having multiple orgasms after a non-ejaculatory orgasm will not only help you enjoy more pleasurable sex, but it will also benefit your beloved partner by making love for so long that you can get out of bed all day.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Leave me alone! Men's pre - orgasm after shooting

It is also known as "glandular pleasure", is the sexual pleasure achieved by stimulating the male glandular gland.

Do you know "pre-orgasm after shooting"? This orgasm is different from the orgasm of pure ejaculation. It is also known as "glandular pleasure". It is a sexual pleasure achieved by stimulating the male glandular. This stimulation is mainly through the fingers or other items, through the anus into the rectum to indirectly stimulate the protective gland to achieve. In addition, some people insert urinary catheters, urethral dilators and other items into the urethra to stimulate the gland and produce sexual pleasure. The orgasmic manifestations of glandular pleasure vary.

In addition to making men feel this orgasm through more intense "invasive" stimulation, a more intense orgasm can also be achieved through external stimulation of the gland. During sex, cats and cats can stimulate a man's perineum, and indirectly press the gland to allow him to enjoy pre-orgasm pleasure, but also by squeezing the penile reflux blood vessels to make the penis larger, thus giving the sexual partner more stimulation. Oh, and don't forget his anal opening! A good caress of this area can also lead to further sexual pleasure.

That's it! The search for a man's mysterious G-spot

In fact, men don't just have one G-spot, they have three!

A man! And the mysterious, great G-spot! In fact, men don't just have one G-spot, they have three! The first is in the "frenulum," a fold of skin under the penis that connects to the body of the glans. The second is in the "perineum," halfway between the bottom of the scrotum and the anus. The third is the most secret of all: the "prostate", a chestnut - sized bulge about five centimeters inside the anus.

Secretly remember these hard-to-tease sensitive bands of men! Stimulate the man's G-spot every now and then during sex, and you're sure to make him feel the same way!

Shooting after ignore is not love you! I need time to catch my breath

After orgasm, there is a period of time when men have almost no sex drive at all. This period is called the "non-response period".

Don't blame the wrong man for not talking to him again! Women don't need a cooling-off period to enjoy continuous orgasms, but for men, their orgasms only last between three and 12 seconds, and there is a period after which there is almost no desire at all. This period is known as the "non-response period", and there is a cooling-off period for the next time a man wants to have sex, before he can get back on his feet and make love to his partner again.

So my dear, the smoke after the man shoots and ignores is to give himself a cooling off period. In the face of your eager eyes, he is also upset that his little brother doesn't stand up yet! Give the man a break. When he gets past the "no response period", I'm sure he'll be back on fire with you!

After sorting out these little secrets of orgasm, there are new possibilities for men's orgasms! Get rid of the myth that getting your partner to ejaculate is orgasm. Men also need to be aroused to have an orgasm, dear men. Try these new experiences next time, you may realize that orgasm can be such a wonderful and memorable event.

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