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There are four places, men's secret sensitive zones. Before rushing to pull his pants down, there are a few ways to play with a man a little longer, to prepare for foreplay, to tease and conquer your man, and to tease each other's tempers.


A prelude to a kiss! Run your hand gently under his chin

According to Barbara Keesling, author of Men in bed, when a woman runs her hand down a man's chin and down his neck, it makes him feel confident and masculine. At the same time, you can touch the prominent cheekbones of his face, so foreplay, back up.

Stroke technique

Imagine that your fingertips are light magic sticks that slide along the contours of his face, down the auricle, and down to wherever you want to go. A gentle stroke on the chin can stir up the sensitive nerves in his face, and you can suddenly switch to a more aggressive approach, cupping his chin with both hands and preparing him for a deep, sweet kiss that he's not expecting.

Prelude to getting naked! Stroking the muscles of the forearm

After slipping under the chin, don't forget that your man's powerful forearms, the area between the shoulder blades and armpit, are also an unrecognized sensitive zone for many men, as recommended by sex coach Amy Levine.

Stroke technique

Facing your man, put your hands on his forearms, rub your fingers up and down his arms, gently massage away from the bones, continue to massage until you see him relaxed and comfortable, let his fatigue melt in the tenderness of your hands. Doing this constantly relieves pressure on both of you and increases the intimacy between you, making you want to explore each other's bodies even more.

The moon is near the water first! Itching on the inner thigh

The moon is near the water first, but here the moon is something else. Most men love the feeling of their partner itching on their inner thighs. The feeling of being aloof and a little bit off makes it more itchy.

Stroke technique

Lie on top of him, look him in the eye, and move your other hand restlessly towards your inner thigh, remembering to go from the bottom up, which will drive the blood towards the penis, making his next advance more powerful. It is recommended to start with the fingertips and then stroke with the whole hand. You can also lick the inner thigh to make him more overwhelmed.

Oh! A really sensitive butt, actually

Would you touch your partner's ass? In fact, a man's butt is very sensitive, so when you run your fingertips down the butt you will feel his body shaking and even a little resistance, don't hesitate to continue massage.

Stroke technique

First touch down from the shoulder ridge, feel he did not resist, then good massage on the butt, massage up from the butt to the tail vertebrae, and then stroke back and forth, with both hands, such massage can help him move more comfortable buttocks.

Hey, honey, how long has it been since you touched your partner? Before we rush to undress each other, let's take a closer look at the sensitive corners of each other's bodies with our fingertips and kisses. This should be foreplay at its best.

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