You want to learn how to get multiple bizarre orgasms. Orgasm is completely normal. So, if you think "the more climax, the orgasm", you have come to the right place. Although there is no universal method expert to have so many orgasms, you do have the skills to achieve it. Read on for some of the best strategies so that you might have multiple orgasms in the second round (or third or fourth round).

First of all, when we say "multiple orgasms", what are we talking about?
Astroglide's resident sexologist, Dr. Jess O'Reilly, told SELF: "The term multiple orgasms usually refers to a continuous orgasm in a one-time contact." But this does not mean that you will have repeated orgasms. Multiple orgasms show different performances in different people.

"Some people go through a series of smaller orgasms and eventually reach a more powerful orgasm," O'Reilly said. "Others experience multiple orgasms in a row, with little time in between. Some people find that their arousal levels drop before returning to plateau and orgasm levels."

Can anyone with a vagina have multiple orgasms?
First of all, some good news: if you have a vagina and clitoris, your body is probably ready for multiple orgasms. This is because your refractory period-when your genitals do not respond to stimuli, your body rests after orgasm-is usually much shorter than that of people with penis. "Because orgasm involves an increase in blood circulation, heart rate, respiratory rate, brain activity, and muscle spasms, the refractory period is a natural way to restore physical function to baseline," O'Reilly said.

She explained that the clitoris usually only takes a minute or two to deal with more stimulation. O'Reilly said that for people with penises, their refractory period can be "from a few minutes to a whole day or more, and they tend to be longer as they get older."

If you can usually reach an orgasm the first time without any problems (although not everyone can, but please remember), there is no logical reason why experts think you should not have another orgasm. However, if you try and cannot reach orgasm again, don't be discouraged. "Many [people with vaginas] may have multiple orgasms, but there may be barriers," Michael Krychman, MD, executive director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survival Medicine, told SELF. When discussing how to overcome them, we will discuss some obstacles throughout the article.

get ready? Let's talk about how to get multiple orgasms.

1. Figure out how to orgasm once first.

2. Switch up stimulation.

3. Use the sensitive clitoris.

4. Don’t apply pressure.

5. Engage your pelvic floor.

6. Focus on your breathing.

7. Whip out some toys with sex machine.

8. Try new positions.

9. Don't be afraid to take matters into your own hands.

10. Remember it should be fun.


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