Before you buy a sex toy, it's natural to yearn for the sexual pleasure it will bring you. You'll read about how big it is, how many vibration Settings it has, and how it produces an otherworldly orgasm in your body. One thing you might overlook, however, is the storage of sex toys.

Why is it important to store sex toyssex machine toy

Many of us (myself included) are guilty of throwing all our sex toys in plastic bags, stuffing them under our beds and thinking nothing of them until the sexy days roll back. But sex toys are fragile. If stored improperly, they can be damaged or soiled, and over time they can become useless and unsightly.

If you don't store your sex toys properly, they can get dirty and dusty as dust particles from the air settle on them. If you don't clean them all the time, the remaining lube and fluid residue will mix with the dust, creating a dirty mixture that no one wants to deal with.

Annabel Knight of LoveHoney explains that some sex toys can break if not stored properly. This is a particular problem for jelly rubber sex toys. If they come into contact with other sex toys for too long, they will deform and "melt". Toys change color, they breed bacteria...We do not recommend buying gel sex toys or other toxic sex toys.

Of course, many of us live with family, roommates, housemates, and even our partners who want to keep sex toys a secret. Keeping your sex toys securely stored in a special adult toy box or secret sex toy carry case means you can keep them hidden from prying eyes.

4.Best sex toy storage box and bag
These sex toy boxes and dildo bags come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny bullet vibrator bags to medium-sized lock boxes to giant Hausman-style sex toy boxes. Many sex toy storage solutions prioritize discreet and invisible looks - you can hide your sex toy under the nose of these products!