Vibrators for women

Among the side effects of pregnancy, from nausea to low back pain, getting out of bed may be the last thing on your mind, which is understandable and completely normal.For many women, however, the hormonal surge during pregnancy may make you crave sex and masturbation more than usual-and you may be happier when you do so, given the extra genital sensitivity and natural lubricants.

First of all, is it safe to masturbate during pregnancy?

Unless you are told that you have a high risk of pregnancy or are worried about preterm birth, masturbation is a beneficial and safe practice that can be maintained during a healthy pregnancy.Whether you are pregnant or not, this is a good way to relieve stress, keep your immune system functioning, and do something for yourself!It may also be difficult for you to find a sexy love that makes your partner feel comfortable.In this position, masturbation or having your partner use a vibrator on you can come in handy.

It is important to know how to change your usual masturbation habit and make it best for you.Generally speaking, you should stop any discomfort immediately.If you encounter any warning signs, such as bleeding or abnormal pain, you should inform your medical staff.

General tips for using sex toys / vibrators during pregnancy:

  • Sex toys should be washed after each use, especially if you have a high risk of infection.
  • Store it properly, keep away from other sundries, and put it in designated backpacks, boxes, etc.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Remember, pregnant women are particularly prone to hemorrhoids, and any sex toy inserted or rubbed around the anus can be painful.

If you masturbate or have sex with lubricant, oil or lotion, pay attention to the smell or seasoning, as well as the "cooling" or "warming" effect of advertising.

They may rely on heavy chemicals that may cause vaginal infection or stimulate allergic vaginal tissue.

Check carefully to see if your toys are really safe for people.

Because the sex toy industry is not regulated by FDA, some brands put the popular term "physical security" on their labels.
Understand the actual meaning of the term, especially looking for the term "phthalate free".

What kind of toys are recommended during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is best to choose low-intensity toys (in terms of vibration intensity and size), as this will increase the sensitivity around the genitals.

Think of egg vibrators or other clitoris toys.

If you choose a toy that plugs into your body, such as a g-spot vibrator or a fake penis, this should not be a problem (especially because penetrating sex is still safe and encouraged throughout pregnancy). But an oversized toy designed to hit point C-your cervix-may feel pain.

Remember, in this case, pain does not necessarily mean damage to the baby-the mucus plug on the cervix keeps your uterus closed, and the baby is beyond this range, so a breakthrough is unlikely.

If you are nervous about being close to the genital area,especially in the last three months of pregnancy,you can explore sexual desire in other ways,whether using a vibrator in another sexually sensitive area,using a vibrator on your partner,or a sexual massage.

Is the best part of pregnancy safe?

If you are told in the last three months of pregnancy that you are at high risk of preterm delivery, the best part may increase your chances of giving birth because it can cause your uterine muscles to contract.

For women who are not at high risk of preterm birth, the best part of sex and masturbation are safe.

With this information, make decisions based on your own body and feelings.

If there is any pain, please stop, but don't panic.If you feel comfortable talking to your obstetrician / gynaecologist / health care provider about masturbation during pregnancy, they will always be the best resource and are very good at this kind of conversation.There is no shame in using vibrators to play games!