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Nearly 1,000 people asked the same question: "Is it really possible to have sex with someone forever?" It's true that when you step into a super-stable relationship, you can lose the novelty of the bedside. So, today, I'd like to recommend the secret of rekindling sex to an old couple. Let's start with the classic missionary style of feeling love at its best, and use five tips to help you feel the passion for each other again!

Who said classic missionary boredom?

The missionary position is classic because it is the most comfortable position and offers the most variety. It's easy to feel missionary "boring" when we don't use it well. However, you shouldn't give up too soon. Get out your notebook and jot down these five tips. You'll love this classic all over again!

1. Touch your body as much as you like

One of the best things about the missionary position is that it allows you to easily and extensively touch each other's skin! You should use this "opportunity" to show that you are desperate! You should actively caress your partner's body, try to keep each other's chests close together, and carefully feel and observe the intoxicated expression and quiver of his skin when you touch him! Conquer him! The secret parts of four men who want to be touched (and we don't even know it)

2. Use your hips

Girls, just because your partner is on top of you and controlling the speed and force of the thrustand you start to get bored doesn't mean you can't do anything!

Try bending your knees and moving your sexy hips. You can draw circles in a rotating motion, or wave up and down, leading him to find your G-spot! Most men love it when a woman is more active in bed. You'll find surprises in this interaction!

3. Don't forget C point either!

Clitoral orgasm is one of the easiest orgasms for girls, and the missionary position is the one that makes it easy for women to please themselves! Don't be too shy, touch your hand to your C spot or use the sex vibrator while you're in it. You'll get the best double stimulation!

4. A loving stare

Another benefit of the missionary position is that you can stare clearly into your partner's face, which is the key to getting closer together!

Try to watch his eyes change at different stages, whether it's with a little tension, anticipation, enjoy the groans. One of the important things to remember is that when you are about to climax, don't look away from each other, lock your eyes more intently, you will feel the most intense pleasure, and your partner and you will reach the peak of madness; You will find each other full of the most intense love, you may cry. It will be your most profound emotional experience.

5. Have a little sexual adventure

If you are Masochism in your sexual relationship, you can reinforce the dominance of the missionary position man by asking your partner to bind you with restraints or handcuffs, making you less motivated and more submissive! Or, you can take it a step further by wearing a blindfold. You are waiting in the dark for unknown information. The mere touch will be amplified and intense, and you will soon be in the erotic imagination and pleasure!

If you are a Sadism character, you can try to scratch his back or chest roughly, or nibbling his neck and ears, testing his love and tolerance, let him feel a little pain and leave your love marks!

The secret to keeping sex fresh is to never be lazy about exploring new fun and techniques! But most importantly, with love for your partner, treating sex as if it were the first time, and focusing on the changes in his body as opposed to gazing at them, you will fall in love again and again!

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