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This time, the topic is on the minds of many men and women: "Decoding the Sensitive Zone: Is there a quick way to fix his/her sensitive zone?" The author collected the voice of the majority of girls, about the sensitive belt, what women want is actually such a thing!

From her hair down to her toes...There's always a sensitive part of a woman's body, and if you know how to touch her the right way, you're afraid she'll have a fake orgasm? Today I'm going to share with you the parts of the body that women are most likely to feel itchy! Sensitivity with big analysis, not all trial, but with these solutions to find her beloved, a try to become a customer, there must be a solution!


Many people ignore this sexy zone and caress a woman's scalp, run their fingers into her hair, and brush her hair like a kitten. This not only creates a sense of security and makes a woman trust you more completely, but also puts her in the "fun" zone.


There are a lot of nerve endings around the ear, so many people's ears are very sensitive, a little whisper in the ear, they like to itch. Kiss the back of the ear and gently nibble at the lobes. Some people don't like the touch of the ear directly guided by the tongue, so try to detect step by step! Close blow, say a few sweet words beside her, melt one hundred degrees.


Lips are the most directly aroused sexual areas! Kissing also serves as a relationship development process. Remember the key to kissing: Don't give her too much at once. Peck her lips like a bird, lick her like a donut, slowly change the steady strength, and strengthen the possession again and again, then put your hand around her waist, so that she can be more relaxed in your arms to enjoy the kiss, holding her is also a further opportunity to bring your two genitals closer together, let her feel the burning heat of your inner and genitals. His hands began to move slowly to other parts..


Kiss, lick, and nibble. Grasp these three key points and immediately break into the sensitive area of the neck that many people find irresistible. Imagine you're a mosquito circling around her neck, trying to find the perfect place to suck! Play with a woman's hair and feel her breasts from time to time to let her know what you want.


What's the difference between the shoulder and the neck? Many people forget to kiss a woman on the shoulder, but women feel especially pampered when they are kissed on the shoulder! Because very few people would do this to her, most people would rush over to caress her body and direct the thrusting process. But a woman's orgasm ah, not without the slow fire of foreplay, in her shoulder local pay more attention for a while, maybe she especially love this position!


Try to kiss the inside of her elbow and wrap your tongue around her skin in a kiss-like manner. Many people get caught right away on the inside of their elbow.


Finger sucking is a sensual expression of desire, especially if you want to kiss her finger while looking her in the eye and saying, "I want you." She doesn't really feel itchy, but she feels numb because of your dominating eyes.


Breasts are often the "communication channel" that makes both of you feel good. The desire to suck breasts comes from the possessiveness of your body. By kissing breasts, both of you can get excited faster. Remember that no matter how much sex you have, always kiss your breasts like you're seeing them for the first time! First from the white side of the palm, slowly knead into his areola, nipples, with the fingertips, pinch her tender flesh, then with the tongue outside the circle into her groan belt! Don't stick your tongue to her breasts all the time. Instead, leave and blow your breasts cold from time to time for the ultimate warm experience.


Women always enjoy being kissed on the back! Remember to support the body on her back, otherwise the heavy pressure will get the opposite effect! If it's not enough to just slide your tongue down the spine, down the spine of your pelvis, she'll say "Ah!" Grasp her once in the two lumbar sockets of the pelvis.


A woman's butt sensitivity usually comes from holding her butt when you're about to enter. Also remember to rub her butt in the heat of the moment, like your "telepathic" code word, to let her know you're enjoying it. Be warned, though, that not every woman is open to spanking. Beware of probing!


When your hand detects her pubic hair, dip your fingers into the thicket and gently massage her genitalia. Slowly find your way to the clitoris (the tip of the labia, which feels like a bean). A slight touch on the tip of the clitoris will cause the blood to burst. It also resembles an erection when it has sensory congestion. Remember to peel the vulva to be gentle, and as far as possible unceasingly dry fingers repeatedly poke soft, you can slightly dip into the vaginal mouth with a little love liquid, wet can make the clitoris pleasure!

Perineum region

This is the area between a woman's vagina and anus. Some women especially like a comfortable rub here. Try pressing down on her hands and feet while stimulating her perineum with your fingers. The anus and perineum, which are adjacent to the anus, are located in the midpoint of nerves that transmit stimulation from the reproductive organs to the spinal cord. Therefore, when stimulated, the brain will receive stimulation like the reproductive organs. In addition, this part has the effect of greatly increasing the stimulation of the reproductive organs.


Women's inner thighs are very sensitive, and some women are ticklish in this area! Try kissing, touching and licking her thighs. Keep in mind that if you start with her neck and then kiss across her body (shoulders, breasts, waist) and directly on her thighs, it may cause her to feel more physically stimulated by the surprise.

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