As you probably know, most of us have been stuck indoors for the past months or so as the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to cause sporadic outbreaks and lockdowns around the world. Companies went bankrupt, markets collapsed, everything was pretty bad. While the virus has taken a great toll on our physical health, the impact of closed cities has also had an impact on the world's mental health, as seeing family and friends suddenly becomes difficult or nonexistent. By June 2020, 40 percent of American adults claimed to be struggling with mental health.

However, people seem to have been turning to one thing to help them get through the pandemic -- sex toys.

According to Forbes, which usually reports on more boring things than that, sex toy company Tracy's Dog surveyed 877 adults from around the world. Some interesting key conclusions can be drawn from this data:1.62% of respondents said they already owned sex toys; 2.57% of respondents who do not currently have sex toys plan to purchase some during the quarantine period. 3. Currently, 62 percent of sex toy owners say they would use sex toys more frequently during quarantine.

Now, there may be some self-selection bias here, since the company that conducted this survey sells sex toys, and there may be many followers interested in sex toys, but still :1. People are very fond of sex toys during quarantine; 2. Online sex toy sales soar.

British sex toy chains have revealed a surge in sales during the lockdown. With the implementation of the global lockdown, sales of abnormal sex products and high-tech devices such as BDSM increased in 2020. Sales of BDSM slings, ball plugs and nipple clips increased 400 percent compared to the previous year. In 2020, the best-selling sex toy was the "mighty G-spot Rampant rabbit," with sales of a remote-controlled sex toy up 1,100% from last year. Ann Summers also says their best-selling anal sex toy this year is the anal Tool Primer, which means many customers are trapped inside with nothing else to do when they try anal sex for the first time. But it's not just women experimenting with their hips. Google data shows that searches for "What's sexual? That's a 250% increase, suggesting that more men are interested in getting anal pleasure from a female partner wearing a dildo.

That's what we want to see.

Adam and Eve, the US sex toy retailer, also saw an increase in sales, though by a slightly smaller amount, the New York Times reported. Sales of sex toys rose 30 percent in March and April compared to the same period last year.People get bored in isolation and they need something to do, so naturally, you start Googling to find out which vibrator will get your brain out of all this frustrating stuff.Not surprisingly, sales of sex toys are up for both singles and couples who have time to try something new.