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No one will deny that sex is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities. Having sex with someone you like is the ultimate goal of happiness in this world. However, to be good in love, even to rise to the level of art aesthetic. Not everyone can do that.

For the men here, there are both software requirements and hardware requirements. Software requirements mainly refers to internal conditions, including your adequate knowledge and practical ability, to meet the other side's psychological and physiological requirements. Hardware conditions are mainly the physical requirements of a man, such as your own condition, height, weight, shape, muscle strength, sexual organ color traits, length, hardness, duration, sustained combat ability. Soft conditions can be learned, and some hard conditions can be changed, such as body muscles, some can not be changed, such as height, sexual organs and so on. We're not talking about unnatural procedures like surgery.

Both men and women need to improve their sexual attractiveness to ensure that they attract enough members of the opposite sex. Now as a man, it's important to remind men to enhance their sexual attractiveness. Don't think that money can have everything, no money will lose everything. For example, if you pay a beautiful woman to have sex with you, she only values your money and probably hates you. If you are attractive enough to attract a beautiful woman to have sex with you, you can also make her happy enough to want to have sex with you often in the future. Money can't buy that kind of inner satisfaction. The difference is self-evident. Ha ha. Of course, with enough money, you can also package yourself, including personal cultivation and taste. ", but also to enhance your charm. The key points of synchronized orgasm are not hard to grasp.

When it comes to the specific ways of sex, nature is kaleidoscopic, multifarious. But different people have different views, different people have different views. The way you have sex is not the most important thing. Foreplay is important. But to be able to practice different ways and to improve in the spirit of lifelong learning, to be proficient in each way and to give women orgasms in different ways of sex, is a very advanced knowledge. We all know that one of the pleasures of male sex is the satisfaction of conquest. Making women happy is the best way to fulfill your image as a man. Here, I introduce a sex position and technique that can make you more powerful. In the following, it is referred to as bow shooting.

Because this method is more exciting, it is recommended to do a good job of foreplay, first with a position of sex, such as the woman has been excited to use this position. You can get your woman into the heaven of death! ~

Standard position -- the man stands with his hands supporting one thigh from the inside of the woman's thigh. After entering the vagina, he picks her up and the woman supports his neck with her hands.

Get into position - there are all kinds of ways. Such as 1. Sit. The woman sits cross-legged on the man. After the penis enters the vagina, the man supports one thigh with both hands from the inner thigh, the woman supports the man's neck, and the man stands up. 2. The woman lies on her back in the bed, the man stands in the bed into the vagina, and then picks up the woman according to the above method.


1.Man don't move, hold the woman down with your hand, make the woman move up and down.

2.Man do not move, with the hand press the woman, let the woman's pussy hit the man's pussy.

3.With both hands holding her in the air, he moves the piston back and forth, striking her genitals.

4.Instead of fixing one side, the man hits the vulva hard.

5.Use your arm strength to move your body clockwise or counterclockwise in front of you, around the joints of the vagina, and your penis will constantly stir and circle inside the vagina.

You can use more styles and techniques, or you can switch slightly to other positions. Like a woman putting her leg on your shoulder and so on. But the impact of this method on the vulva is not strong enough, the stimulation is not very strong.

Below this kind of posture, the female need not hair force, the body is completely held by the male in the air, the movement has a kind of feeling of flying clouds and driving mist, natural stimulation. Plus the impact of the pubic region is not limited by other positions, can be fully impacted. Plus the point of contact is the force of the vulva. When the movement pubic contact area is wide, the bang is loud, the sexual stimulation degree is incomparable.

In many years of practice, I think this is the most exciting way for women. From maidens to young women, they were all charmed and elated. It's hard to describe the noise and complexity of bed calling! Successful sex is unforgettable for women!

But the disadvantages are :

1. Men are really physically demanding, leg strength, waist strength, arm strength. Men who are weak start by lifting weights and checking the weight of their partner.

2. Men with long penises need to consider women's tolerance because they go deep into the vagina. 

3. Vaginal impact is strong, to prevent vaginal soft tissue injury.

4. Because men in this position are tired, it depends on how much you love your sexual partner.

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