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You probably hear a lot about a woman's G spot,but besides that,do you know what else she wants you to touch her?

The female G-spot orgasm is a recent discovery. The G-spot refers to an area of the front wall of the vagina that is extremely sensitive to stimulation. But the sensitive areas of a woman's body are definitely not limited to this, because "there is no fixed way to love", if you only come and go in one way, how can you fully arouse her passion?

To melt her under your fingertips, here are a few places you can't miss:


You don't need to do it professionally. Just run your fingers down her spine, from the waist up to her neck, and feel the tiny hairs on her back. This will make her feel soft and itchy.


Believe it or not, some women are especially sensitive to this area. The face and neck of the geisha are painted white, but the nape of the neck is bare, which is said to show men their skin color. Geisha are all covered up, and the nape of the neck is the sexiest part. The next time you have sex with her don't forget to push out her hair and run your lips over it to see how she reacts


When you kiss her, hold her head in the palm of your hand, press your fingers against her scalp, massage gently, and tug at her hair. This will make her feel more sensitive.

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You may often overlook them, but if you occasionally "pay attention" and "appreciate" her round shoulders with your mouth or hand, she will definitely respond more warmly to you.

Breasts (not nipples)

Take the time to touch her breasts. Don't touch the "key parts" too quickly. The vague gestures make her more eager for your next move.


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