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Do you still believe that sex in bed is dominated by the other person? Here are 13 things every woman should know about getting laid. Knowing this information will help you enjoy sex more and have a better sex life!

1. It's not just one person.

Although when it comes to men and sex, most people think directly of "that one". There are many ways to turn a man on. You can kiss, touch, stroke his lips, neck, earlobes, chest, back, back, inner thighs, groin. By watching how excited he is when he touches, you'll learn more about his sensitive areas.

2. Your body has no faults.

Driven by sexual excitement, men are so excited and ecstatic that they don't notice your flaws, so don't worry about your body anymore. Remember, you look your best now. When you are confident, you will look sexier and turn men on.

3. It's never perfect the first time

The first time you have sex is never perfect. The two may find it painful and difficult to keep pace with each other. But don't judge from one experience. It takes time for both partners to become comfortable with sex.

4. Wiggle your body

Don't think that sprinting is for men and women just lie there. Instead, shake your body, groan, find a rhythm, and have fun. Your efforts will make both partners have the most fun in bed.

5. Men like it when women make the first move

To turn a man on, suggest that a woman give him some sexual hints. Don't be afraid to dress sexy. You can also tease them, bite their ears, or send a message telling them what you want to do next. Remember, sex is more than just sexual organ contact (penetration). Don't be shy!

6. Relax before sex.

Relaxing your body after a long day at work will not only reduce your stress, it will also prepare your body for sex. Take time to take a warm bath to help you relax.

7. The more you love, the more you want

Having sex makes you feel excited and happy, and your body will remember this feeling as normal and inevitable. You shouldn't feel guilty about wanting sex.

8. Stop thinking about orgasms.

Don't think about orgasms all the time, because if you're too anxious, it won't be easy to orgasm. Enjoy every kiss and caress during sex. The climax will come naturally. But never fake an orgasm. Also, if you feel uncomfortable, you should tell the other party, he can find a different way to make both parties happy.

9. You can touch yourself.

Touching your own body is very sexy and arouses your partner. Many couples enjoy watching their partners enjoy touching their bodies.

10. It's important to focus on love.

Concentration is very important during sex. If your mind is preoccupied with work or other chores in your life, and you're thinking about too many things at once, your libido is easily distracted. Also consider leaving your phone out of the bedroom to avoid the noise of notifications.

11. She needs to go to the bathroom after sex and wash her private parts.

Remember to go to the toilet after sex and wash private parts to prevent infections such as urethritis, especially for women.

12. Masturbate when you have a partner.

Even if you have a partner, you can masturbate. This is the best way for you to have fun in a single relationship. There is no need to feel guilty about masturbation because it is completely normal.

13. Do more Kegels.

Kegel exercises will do you a lot of good. It strengthens the pubococcygeal muscles, making your orgasms more intense and your sex more enjoyable.

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