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Adam Dillon says: Single order sex can be enjoyed in the following situations. I recommend two types of single order sex that I love to use.

Morning Sex

This "morning sex" is especially recommended for couples over the age of 30. As the name suggests, it means having sex in the morning.

Effectively use the "morning erection", the sleeping partner's underwear off, in a lateral way to insert. For smooth insertion, be sure to use massage oil as lubricant. The most important purpose of a slow insertion is to enjoy the feeling of being integrated into one body. What is more important than the waist swing is the subtle swing of holding your partner close and rocking your body back and forth.
This alone triggers an exchange of sexual energy, and the partner shows mild sensory arousal. And then the point is, enjoy this slight sensation of sensory excitement until the end. In other words, do not aim for the sensation of supreme pleasure or for the purpose of ejaculation. Young couples are prone to indulge a spontaneous desire without thinking about it, and to engage in junk sex that uses the girl as a tool for masturbation, but this is a big mistake.

If you are familiar with a man, you may feel exhausted once you ejaculate. Try not to ejaculate for the purpose, but to get the "energy you need for the day" from your partner.

Isn't it the privilege of middle-aged and older men to get free from the stereotype of "foreplay ↓ penetration ↓ ejaculation"

Serial sex

As we mentioned, I don't ejaculate very often during private sex.

What happens if you don't ejaculate during sex? Simply put, it's another time. If you don't ejaculate, the sexual energy that comes from having sex accumulates in the body, and the next time, sexual desire and sensation can start from a higher base. Of course, the sex gets deeper and the satisfaction increases. This feeling is similar to watching a soap opera. Because of the last episode, people are looking forward to the next episode as if they saw a hint of the next episode.

I call this type of continuous sex without ejaculation "serial sex" and strongly recommend it to middle-aged and older men.

The best thing about TV sex is that sexual energy can be saved as a deposit to sustain the intense sexual desire of youth. If every time a man makes love, it's a good thing for a woman, too.

One of the specific ways to enjoy sex on TV is to break the whole sex process, which would normally take two or three hours, into several stages.

For example, on the first day, make kissing your main foreplay. The next day, use your mouth to perform oral sex between the vagina and the penis. On day three, a little foreplay is all it takes to get the sex going. And that's pretty much how it goes.

Even on the third day of sex, you don't have to ejaculate. The stereotype that "sex is not complete until you ejaculate" is a strange theory. Neither of us need to be confined to "ejaculation" or "orgasm". As long as we enjoy sex purely, we can free ourselves from inexplicable pressure or feeling heavy.

Just as the way you work changes with experience, sex evolves with age or physical strength, so it's wise to enjoy it whenever you can.

Make sure you try to create your own serial sex with the woman you love.

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