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Although it is said that sex brings people the pleasure of orgasm will let people at the cost of physical strength to obtain, but the physical strength in the process of sex is ultimately a big problem, how to make love can both orgasm and save energy?


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1. Lie on your side

Another position favoured by men is lying on their side, where they do not have to put weight on each other and can be inserted from front or back.

Because it does not have to bear each other's weight, it is suitable for when tired. This is an appropriate posture that can enjoy the fun as long as it is touched. The posture that can be maintained for a long time can enjoy the fun. But its disadvantage is that the depth of insertion is shallow, and can not get sufficient stimulation.

Suggestions, in the male tired or let him comfortably rest, supplement physical strength, keep good spirit, when the time "war" must be more fierce firepower!

2. Female upper pose

When men are tired, in order not to increase their fatigue, the most commonly used is the female position on the top. In this way, as long as the man can lie on his back, the initiative of sexual intercourse is in the woman's hands, so that the man does not consume energy and complete the sexual activity.

Women on the posture also have a variety of different changes, the first to the male supine, there are legs together and apart. The female side has two elbows on either side of the male, or two arms on either side of the male, and two knees upright completely sitting on the male and so on.

One of the most intense should be straddling the middle waist of men, so that the waist to sit up and down motion posture. This position can make the penis deep inside the vagina, because the uterus is down, so the glans can directly stimulate the uterus and make both men and women can get pleasure.

Since men are always in the same position and do not need to move, it is a position that can satisfy both men when they are tired.

3. Rear sitting position

This is the male sitting with his hands behind his back and the female sitting with her back to the male.

At this time, the female vaginal mouth toward the back, the penis is easy to insert, and the female movement is more freely, suitable for male fatigue, the disadvantage of using this position is that they can not see each other's face and can not talk.

4. Front sitting position

Another posture that men can use when tired is the forward posture. Men and women face each other, with the male sitting with his legs outstretched and the female sitting with her legs outstretched, hugging each other.

This is full skin contact between the two parties, so the stimulation is strong, the two can talk face to face, the sex is done by the woman, the man as long as the same position. In this case, the man puts his hands behind his back and the woman does all the movement. When the penis is inserted into the vagina, the woman also puts her hands behind the man. The way to stimulate the man is to raise the buttocks.

Men put their hands behind their backs, at the mercy of women, there is always a feeling of not enough, at this time the women also put their hands behind the men, as two feet forward or backward bending action to combine the sex, easy to stimulate and enhance so can get greater pleasure.

And in this position, due to the intersection of the center line of the penis and the vagina, the female slightly backward, like the flagpole falling general, can give the male a kind of oppressive stimulus, and make the fatigue disappear, get a strong pleasure.

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