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The first step in oral sex practice, besides seeking consent, is "lubrication." And how to maintain oral lubrication is also an important link. There are many ways to increase your saliva output. In addition to stimulating salivary glands all the time, also edited and sorted out four "love mouth nourishing skills", so that when you love your mouth will not "in addition to saliva what all have"!

Here's what men think about blowouts.

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"Blowout" is actually a confluence of the words "oral sex" and "ejaculation." It means the man shoots semen into the woman's mouth. In porn, it's often used at the end of a clip. At the same time, the camera will also shoot a porn actress spitting out his semen from her mouth, symbolizing the male's conquest and dominant love for women.

Why to the male population feel dry mouth?

Dry mouth can be caused by many things, such as allergies, medications, etc. Of course, alcohol can also cause dry mouth.

"Mouth love moisturizing skills" 1: chewing gum

One way to quickly moisten your mouth is to chew gum. The xylitol in gum stimulates the production of saliva.

"Mouth love moisturizing skills" 2: Sip lemon juice

Sucking on lemon juice or other acids also stimulates the salivary glands and rehydrates them. If you are worried that the acid will irritate your partner, rinse your mouth before oral sex.

"Mouth love moisturizing skills" 3: sour soft candy

Sour candies can also activate salivary glands, and artificial sweeteners can stimulate saliva production and help restore moisture. Of course, it's a good idea to keep sugar out of your vagina. Sticky and sugary residues may last longer, so only use this method when it's not necessary.

Mouth love moisturizing skills: water-based lubricant

Water-based lube is also a simple repair that can relieve some of the stress on your own body, resulting in the world's most lubricated "non-artificial" saliva.

Cold Oral knowledge: Can deep throat stimulate salivary glands?

There is a myth that when you give a man oral sex, the back of your throat stimulates the salivary glands to produce more saliva due to nausea. In short, the feeling of "nausea" is similar to vomiting, and this response is a defense mechanism to prevent swallowing or choking. When these areas at the back of the throat are triggered in this way, the stimulation travels from the nerves to the brain, causing the eyes to water and producing excess saliva. So this myth makes sense, like tricking the brain into "choking mode" to get the effect, but it's not very comfortable.

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