Porn With Sex Machines

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." That phrase is out of date! Now it's "The way to catch a man is by his penis." Girls, don't let the "oral sex is dirty and bad" ignorance and superficiality (if the penis is clean), you should know that good oral sex skills, life is not a worry.
There's no man who doesn't like blowjob, and you'll automatically get wet while he's dying. That's the perfect foreplay.

And oral sex skills said difficult is not difficult, but also not simple, and in addition to the experience of course you also need to catch up in advance, the following four oral sex skills to learn, bag your man's moan than you more exciting.

Oral sex tip: Hold the testicles

A lot of girls don't understand the importance of testicles, and this egg is the way to get him to shoot. All you need to do is gently rub your hands, change the force and frequency according to his reaction, combine with a simple oral sex, and finally a gentle grip of the testicles, enough to make him immediately fire.

Oral sex tip: Vacuum sucking

This is also the legendary deep throat trick. Holding the penis deep into the mouth and pushing "it" up with the tongue will help prevent the puke sensation caused by the turtle's head touching the deep throat.

Then lick the lower side of the penis with the tongue, remember that the focus of the deep throat is breathing, like swimming to breath, if you meet the giant eagle, you can change other positions (such as the roof of the mouth) to let the other side think there is a top to; Or hold the base of the penis in your hand to avoid going too deep and making you vomit.

Oral sex tip: Rotate slowly

Put the penis in your mouth, then rotate your head from side to side, turning the penis inside your mouth to touch different parts. Just make sure the teeth don't grind to "it" and control the speed. It's important not to rush oral sex.

This twirling and the sound of wet rubbing will excite him, and he can also touch the base of the penis with his tongue, or move to sensitive areas such as the scrotum and perineum.

Oral sex tip: Laminating Massage

You want to know that we women attach importance to foreplay, men are the same, as soon as you see him all off, a mouthful of penis down, only suitable for occasional taste fun, even oral sex should also be matched with appropriate foreplay, can start from two people kiss each other tongue caresses, slowly down from the touch, in his crotch position to stop, then gently knead to feel the penis hard, just untied his pants.

Hold the penis in both hands and move it up and down with gentle pressure. See him breathing fast and a series of groans, it is time to push pleasure to the peak, you can bend your head, the use of the tongue in the periphery of the penis circle, this is oral sex, the most sensitive parts of the general male, can also borrow fingers to touch, can bring each other when shivering feeling oh.

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