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Festivals are a great time to add to the romance between the sheets and try out some of the little wishes you were afraid to try or never had the chance to fulfill! Today, of course, we are going to advise men to surprise their partners with Christmas sex!

1. If she loves adventure

Christmas sex recommendation: Find another place to make love

If she has a natural adventurous personality, such as surfing, hang-gliding and other exciting activities, then she is likely to have a more amazing trip with you in bed!

On special holidays, try to take her out of the house, can choose the kitchen table, this environment may make you more hungry, and can not help but eat up the delicious food in front of you!

Or, go to the bathroom and do something different. Just the cool touch of the walls and the mirror's clear reflection on your body will be enough to put you in a more exciting mood!

2. If she's shy and has never volunteered her needs

Christmas sex recommendation: Blindfolded sex

On Christmas Eve, give her a bandage and ask her to cover your eyes; Next, she'll be able to do whatever she wants to you outside of your gaze and quietly have the sex she's been craving!

Blindfolded sex is a little bit of the first order of SM, can amplify the sensory stimulation, you will fall in love with it!

3. If she's always talking like a noisy bird

Christmas sex recommendation: dirty talk

This applies if your partner is usually very talkative and can't get out of control, and you happen to be the one who is relatively quiet. So, tonight, while you're in bed, try a little dirty talk in her ear, combined with a gentle blow or gasp.

The more you break out of her imagination, the more effective it will be. It will surprise her that you, who are usually quiet, are suddenly so wild and wild. You will excite her like never before!

4. If she's lazy, always waiting for you to wait on her

Christmas sex recommendation: fun massage

In bed she is always motionless like a dead fish, and you feel silently defeated by the possibility of sexual discord in your heart. Before you get depressed, take advantage of the romantic atmosphere of the festival and suggest something different!

Tell him you'll serve her as a queen to-night; Get a bottle of her favorite perfume and lotion, squeeze it in the palm of your hand, and start rubbing it on her body with gentle caress. Try starting with her thighs and breasts, which are likely to be her most sensitive, and ask which areas need strengthening; With your gentle hand and gentle service, I believe she will soon melt and fall madly in love with you again!

Giving a gift is like a conversation process, from the moment of selection and giving, your expectations and the other person's reaction, are the most exciting things! The same goes for the "gift of sex," where you observe his personality, his preferences, get a sense of what he might like about sex, and both of you will be happier than ever when you try it!

Don't you love the beautiful atmosphere of festivals? Tonight, have a wonderful Christmas Eve with your significant other!

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