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I know some women who hate giving a man a blowjob, having the man's pee spot slip into your mouth, and the annoying pressure head. Not everyone was amused. But for some women who are good at oral sex, the feeling of controlling and dominating a man's penis while performing oral sex is really wonderful! To a man, the temperature and humidity in your mouth are like a vagina (or a lubricated hand), and with lips and a flexible tongue, it's easy for the other person to orgasm. We secretly tell you how to improve your oral sex skills.

Oral sex tip: Show your enthusiasm:Make eye contact, say something bad.

The first thing to do is to send a message that you want to perform oral sex. Fellatio is definitely not a guy's job. 'The biggest complaint I hear from male clients about oral sex is definitely not about technique,' says Vanessa Marin, a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles. 'It's mostly about whether the partner is enthusiastic. You can convey this to your partner by saying how much you look forward to going down on him!

  1. Eye contact: Don't keep looking at him or try to make a sexy face that looks awkward, but look him slightly in the eye from the penis with a gentle smile to sweep him off his feet.
  2. Tell him how much you want him right now: He can feel it if you just go through the process like you're handing in your homework. So while giving him oral sex, tell him how excited you are every now and then, or simply say, "I like the feeling of your penis in my mouth." It's a simple sentence that sounds a little shy and blatant, but trust me, it works.
  3. Ask him what he wants: If you continue to care about his feelings during oral sex, serving him will be like a five star review on Google Reviews, and you'll get his love beyond compare. You can simply ask, "How are you feeling?" "Would you like to get a little wetter?" With his mouth moving between his penis and his thigh, maybe you're lucky enough to spot his shy side as he approaches orgasm.

Oral sex tip: Add a hand to help.

Having oral sex all the time is hard to help your partner achieve orgasm (which is one of the reasons many women resist: it's too tiring). This is when you can add versatile hands to make your oral sex session easier.

  1. Place your dominant hand on his penis and put it in your mouth.
  2. Put your index finger and thumb in an O shape and rest against your lips to keep your penis and mouth sealed.
  3. Move your hands and mouth up and down. When he is about to climax, you can use your other hand to gently stroke his balls.

Oral sex tip: Keep your tongue relaxed and soft.

When you give him oral sex, your tongue provides unprecedented warmth, elasticity, and moistness. To maximize the pleasure of oral sex, it is recommended that when you move your mouth up and down, the tongue in your mouth can also follow the tip of your tongue over his head and lower leg (under the penis). Those two areas, especially where the penis meets the testicles, are sensitive, so he goes crazy.

Is that what a guy thinks when he's having oral sex? : Does my butt stink?

Generally speaking, when a woman gives a man oral sex, there is no physical pleasure, and if the male prepuce is too long, it will smell. Given the contrast, it is inevitable that they will want to complain. But if a woman constantly criticizes him afterwards about how bad his taste is, it's better not to do it. If she is willing to do it, she should take it. On weekdays to remind her to pay more attention to hygiene habits, eat a light diet, see if can improve the smell!

Oral sex tip:Take a look at Deep Throat!

In 2013, the film Deep Throat, starring Amanda Seyfried as a porn actress, was released. She was unable to climax and only discovered the sensitivity band in her throat after seeking medical help. Some girls have more sensitive throat reflexes than others. When you can train your control muscles, you will experience contractions. And when it comes to oral sex, men love the visual sensation of filling you up. But here is a special reminder, if the respiratory tract is not good, do not easily try, it is easy to cause suffocation.

Is that what a guy thinks when he's having oral sex? :Should you kiss someone after ejaculation?

Kissing after oral sex is actually kind of gross. Some men enjoy watching women swallow sperm, but that doesn't mean they want to kiss you right away. As for the swallowing experience, it's helpful for women to have a deeper level of content. As long as it doesn't pass the taste buds of your tongue, you can't feel the taste of semen.

Oral sex tip: Spit on your penis and keep it moist.

While everyone's preferences are different, you'll need plenty of water or saliva to get the best results. So, during oral sex, when you notice that his penis is a little dry, you might as well spit it out for added interest.

Is that what a guy thinks when he's having oral sex? : Do you enjoy it as enjoyment?

The wistful look in a man's eyes represents a woman's participation. In short, it's to create an "I'm having a feast" feeling. You might as well bite your lower lip and give a little smile to show that you're really into it. With these moves, men often can't escape the oral sex paradise you've created for them.

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