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Can food increase libido? Or is it just an illusion in your head? If you have this question, you've read a lot of articles about it. Many studies have shown that some foods can increase libido, and one of the putative aphrodisiac drugs is oysters (a collective term for oysters, oysters, or oysters). Here's a look at various aphrodisiac foods and why oysters are a natural aphrodisiac that's been passed down from mouth to mouth.

Natural aphrodisiacs promote libido

If there's one thing that everyone in the world has in common, it's that most people have sex drives, which has led to aphrodisiacs. An aphrodisiac is a drug that increases sexual response or libido. Effective aphrodisiac drugs can now be found, such as Viagra, currently the most popular drug of choice that can boost libido. In addition to medicine, different cultures have their own preferences for aphrodisiac foods, such as chocolate, asparagus and oysters, which are among the most popular.

The main reason food is an aphrodisiac

The reasons why food can boost libido and even aphrodisiac are generally divided into five categories:

1. Put libido in your belly:

Some foods warm up your body and provide a lot of moisture after eating, such as peppers or curry. The food is believed to stir up "fiery" passions in bed. Cold food induces a feeling of cool, slow relaxation, but can increase the pleasure of intercourse.

2. Like a sexual organ:

Most of us can't deny that our minds are full of worldly desires, which is why people associate certain foods with sexual organs. These imaginative foods include oysters, or penile fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers or bananas

3. Make up for what you eat:

In Asia, it is generally believed that eating salmon eggs, quail eggs and other animal "eggs" can make people better libido and sexual ability, which is commonly known as "eating eggs to make up for eggs".

4. Exotic foods are the greatest aphrodisiac:

Rare and expensive foods are thought to boost sex drive. Geoduck, for example, is a good example. Don't you think that looks like a man's powerful lower body?

5. Stimulate the senses, stimulate the desire:

Foods that stimulate the senses in a pleasurable way are thought to stimulate sexual desire. For example, a red strawberry tastes romantic because it is shaped like a heart.

Are Oysters really an aphrodisiac?

Although the FDA has not conducted clinical studies to prove that oysters have aphrodisiac properties, studies have linked the deterioration of the gonads to chronic zinc deficiency in the body. Oysters have the highest levels of zinc of all foods, so they are also known as the "most sexually desirable food" and stimulate sexual desire. In addition, eating oysters can also help release dopamine, a hormone commonly known as the happy hormone. So, while not exactly an aphrodisiac, at least for men, you may find that a generous dose of five to seven oysters a day starts to produce subtle male changes in your body.

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