Sex is natural, it is human nature, and it is one of the most enjoyable activities a human being can engage in. Given that sex is such a universal experience, it is not surprising that there are also many beautiful or weird sexual facts that paint a picture of such erotic events in the experiences of people around the world.

So whether you want to expand your understanding of sex, just gawk at some weird sex facts and statistics, or improve your sex life, here we present you 5 fun sex facts!

1. The circumference of the penis is more important than its length.
When it comes to penis insertion into the vagina for sexual intercourse, the girth of the penis is more important for sexual pleasure than its length. The vagina is mainly covered by stretched mechanoreceptors, meaning that a large penis is more pleasant than a long one.

2.People in their 80s are still having regular sex.
Almost a third of women over 80 are still having sex regularly with their partners, a study has found.

3. The average ejaculation volume contains 15,875 GB of data.
A single sperm contains about 37.5MB of DNA data, with an average ejaculation totaling 15, 875 GB. The penis releases the equivalent of eight MacBook Pros with every ejaculation. Disclaimer -- We don't recommend throwing 8 macBooks at your partner during sex.

4.31% of men fake orgasms.
According to the New York Times, 67 percent of straight women admit to faking an orgasm, but surprisingly 31 percent of men have.No one is safe!

5. Travelers and backpackers have a lot of sex.
According to, travel makes one-night stands more likely for both men and women. Their study found that 52 percent of men and 41 percent of women have dated while traveling or backpacking.I mean, charming young people living in 10-bed hotels? It's just a matter of time.