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Sex experts have shown that men do not master certain sex skills, is unable to let women reach orgasm, get sexual satisfaction. Master the sex skills that men need, and you can go right to her bed, right to her heart, make her want to die, and you can have an orgasm together.

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Tip 1: Express sincere love

When a man faces his lover, he should express his love, even when he is having sex, he should not just do it and forget love. As the saying goes, "a woman is made of love." Even if she is a woman, you can only let her experience the beautiful love, in order to let her into love, enjoy the passion of love.

So before the formal love, some gentle caress, kiss, arouse her desire, the combination of love and love, can arouse a woman's desire to enjoy the infinite happiness of sex.

Tip 2: give her a variety of sensory enjoyment

In addition to the sense of touch, hearing and smell can also play a role in a woman's sex life. So before sex, you might as well choose a song that she likes, can achieve the effect of sex. To prevent other scents from getting in the way of sex, spritz your bedroom with perfume.

Tip 3: Varied sexual positions

It's hard to satisfy a woman with a monotonous posture, so you need a variety of sex poses and sex tricks to satisfy her appetite. In terms of posture, try the upper position because the upper position is the easiest position for a woman to reach orgasm. This position allows a woman to control the rhythm or move sideways to help her orgasm.

At this time, men should not just lie down to enjoy, to help women with a hand, with leisure hands caress women's chest, give her multiple stimulation, let her get more happiness and passion.

Tip 4: Find your partner's G-spot

Digging out your partner's sensitive areas will make it easier for your partner to reach orgasm, while the G-spot needs to be found during sex and is easy to find. You can also watch each other masturbate, which is a good way to get to know each other's sensitive zones.

Tip 5: Use lubricant

Using a strawberry-flavored lubricant can make the body more sensitive and lubricate sex, making it less painful for women and making it last longer for men. So use it to make her feel like you're being thoughtful and to help you both get excited.

You can also use sex toys or sex machines to stimulate your partner's senses and give her the ultimate sensory experience.