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There are several important matters in the process of sex. If you do it wrong, it will not only affect the fun in bed, but also may harm the health of the other half.

Don't be sloppy!


1. Take a shower beforehand

It is absolutely essential to clean the body before enjoying the pleasure. If you are worried about interrupting sex, then take a bath with your partner!
Women's private parts are more sensitive, so they can be washed with clean water without special use of shower gel; men should strengthen the cleaning of the coronal sulcus, because this is the part where dirt is most likely to hide.

If you have the habit of oral sex or finger sex, be sure to brush your teeth and use mouthwash beforehand to remove bacteria in your mouth; remember to cut your nails before going out to avoid scratching girls' vaginas due to long nails.

2. Choose a condom depending on its width

Condoms are one of the key points of safe sex. Before buying a condom, you should measure the width of your penis and choose a product of the right size; too tight will make men uncomfortable, and too loose may fall into the vagina.


3. Do not put the condom in your pocket

Condoms are not suitable for storage in humid and high-temperature places. If you take the condom out, do not put it in your pants pocket. It is recommended to put it in a bag or wallet.

Wearing a condom is not only for contraception, but also to prevent transmission of diseases to each other. Because many boys will not wear a condom immediately after an erection, it is still possible to transmit diseases through sexual contact, so cleaning beforehand is still necessary.

4. Don’t go for the length of time

Many men worry that they are "too fast" or "not long enough". From the whole process of foreplay to ejaculation, the most appropriate time should not exceed half an hour, and the time for foreplay should be enough, and the time for thrusting does not need to be too long; the quality of sex is not the length of time, but whether the two people are real Relax and enjoy the process.

5. Girls have to pee afterwards

It is normal for boys to feel tired and sleepy after ejaculation, but girls need a gentle hug at this time. It is recommended to be more considerate to each other. Boys may wish to give a hug before going to sleep. Girls do not need to blame boys for not being considerate .

But there is an important point that cannot be forgotten. Women must go to the bathroom after sex; because the female vagina and urethra are very close, and the urethra is usually sterile, but during sex, the urethra may be contaminated with germs, so Urinary tract infection can be avoided by flushing out germs with urination. After urinating, don't forget to take a bath and clean your whole body!
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If you use sex tools during sex, don't forget to clean the sex tools!